Manuka Flowers

Manuka flowers referred to as Leptospermum in Latin come in a range of different colours. Pink Manuka flowers are by far the most appealing because of their vibrant colours. A deep pink in the middle, fading to a lighter pink which gives a two toned appearance. Pink Manuka flowers in full bloom in spring and summer months and can withstand the cold wintery months in New Zealand too. The trees are very resilient to the wild weather, they can grow in extreme conditions and harsh soils. 

The Manuka tree usually produces Manuka honey, Manuka wood and Manuka oils. The pink Manuka tree is abundant in New Zealand often being found in subalpine areas of the north island. From the earliest settlement in New Zealand Manuka was said to have therapeutic and medicinal purposes so people began harvesting the tree for its bark, leaves and flowers. Manuka was first never thought to be a good thing. 
Originally it was a nuisance to farmers who would introduce insects and pests to wipe all of the Manuka trees out. Imagine that, introducing pests to free food. It only seems like it could create another problem or make the existing one worse. It was only later that it was found to have so many benefits that they decided to keep it and let it grow. Bees were introduced to areas that were full of Manuka and that is how Manuka honey came about. Because bees were introduced to Manuka flowers, if you did move their hive, they would go back to whichever flower they were pollinating before.