Exploring Sustainability: What is the Toitū enviromark?

“Toitu is to care for the life of this place, our people and our future.”

Toitū is a globally-recognised environmental accreditation agency. The enviromark certifies that an organisation has a quality Environmental Management System (EMS) which has been audited to meet rigorous international standards.

Manukora currently holds the gold enviromark. 

This means you can be sure we are taking a methodical and proven approach to improve the environmental performance of our operations. It’s a sign of commitment to continuous improvement in the name of environmental sustainability! 

What exactly is an EMS?

Every organisation, no matter their type or size, will have an effect on the environment. Car mechanics must dispose of oil, laundromats need to deal with soapy waste water, insurance firms burn through electricity to light their offices, and so on. All of these ‘externalities’ can have a negative impact on the environment if not properly managed. 

The tricky part is knowing:

  • How to identify externalities,
  • which externalities need to be prioritised, and 
  • what should actually be done to effectively manage them. 

This is where the EMS comes in. Using lifecycle analysis, we have strategically evaluated every aspect of our operation and developed a plan to reduce our environmental footprint. 

At Manukora, we focus on:

  • Water conservation
  • Carbon reduction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low-impact packaging
  • Soy-based inks and water-based adhesives in our cardboard
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified paper and cardboard
  • Certified compostable pallet wrap (shrink wrap)
  • Certified compostable courier bags.
  • Spray and chemical curtailment to name a few. 

Continuous Improvement 

This is a key theme of a quality EMS. We are honest with ourselves that environmental sustainability is an ongoing project, rather than a destination. A circular approach to our thinking helps with this: Plan, do, check, change.

So come with us! We’ll keep you updated with our progress on our sustainability journey. 

This is one of many ways we care for our environment.

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