Manukora Botanicals - What is a therapeutic dose?

When we set out to make supplements from nature, the prerequisite was that they have to be effective. So, how can we ensure our natural supplements actually work?

  1. Find and source the ingredients from a reliable supplier, who is using sustainable practices and that pay their workers a fair wage.
  2. Once the ingredients arrive, we need to make sure that they are the real deal. Global demand for supplements has skyrocketed in the last few years which also has brought out a lot of fake or watered down ingredients. You can rest easy knowing that we independently test all our ingredients.
  3. We now know that the ingredients are the real McCoy; we have to check that the ingredient contains the active compound(s) and at the desired levels to have an effect on the body. Many herbs have active parts and non-active parts, like Ashwagandha - where only the root contains the active compounds. The rest of the herbis not useful in a supplement, but it may be included to cut costs. So we independently test all our ingredients for the active compounds we are after.

Now that we’ve established these three things, here’s where a therapeutic dose comes in.

A therapeutic dose is enough of an active compound to be effective.

How do we measure this you ask? There are two ways to determine what a therapeutic dose is for a particular ingredient.

  1. The first one is clinical evidence. This is the amount that has been proven effective in a clinical trial which has been conducted using a known scientific method, peer reviewed, published in a reputable medical journal and shows significant evidence of change for objective measures including (change in body function or change in behaviour) of the participants.
  2. If this is not available, we then turn to a historical dose. A historical dose is the amount that has traditionally been used for treatment. All herbs in our supplements have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years in traditional medicines around the world. The doses for these herbs have been developed over time and a consensus on the amount for an effective dose has been reached. Also taken into account is our herbalists’ own 30 year experience in treating patients with natural medicines.


40 doses per bottle.

Each of our Botanicals bottles contains 40 therapeutic doses. Here’s how they should be taken and why.

Ask for a therapeutic dose

Now that you know what a therapeutic dose is, the next time you are looking for natural supplements, make sure you check that you’re getting a therapeutic dose. Because if you’re not buying something that will have an effect, what’s the point?

We want to set a new precedent for effective natural supplements where all ingredients are sourced well and are completely transparent and traceable. Read more about our Botanicals here.

Delivered in Mānuka Honey

Guess what else has been used for thousands of years in medicine? Honey of course! It doesn’t just make our Botanicals delicious. There are lots of reasons that it’s been used in medicine throughout history and why we chose it as a delivery vessel for Manukora Botanicals. We’ll cover it in our next blog so stay tuned!

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