Our favorite summer activities and recipes

It’s no secret that the Manukora team's favorite season is summer. The days are brighter, the sun’s out for longer, the Manuka is flowering and we can make the most of the countless outdoor activities!

With the USA experiencing summer right now we were reminded of some of our favorite kiwi summer activities that will hopefully give you some inspiration to make the most out of this epic season!

Going to the beach:

We are blessed in New Zealand to have some seriously stunning natural beaches. On a hot summer’s day you’ll be sure to find our beaches absolutely packed out with families. The team here at Manukora prefer surfing beaches for their quiet atmosphere and of course the sweet surf!

Though surfing is a sport that is enjoyed year round, we’re all abut surfing warm, enticing waves rather than immersing in freezing cold ocean. No surprise then that our number one favorite activity to do all-summer-long is surfing. If the swell is good, then some of the team will be out trying to get a barrel!

Pictured below is Eve, our innovation lead and her friends on a surfing trip from the New Zealand summer 2020/21.


Getting out in nature is again an all year round activity, however, there is something special about waking up early, going on a hike and seeing the sunrise then going straight to the beach for a swim to cool off. Nature really is awesome, and we love making the most of it, leaving the laptops shut and enjoying the warm weather. Pictured below is Mike, our CEO on a recent morning hike.


A picnic is a great way to bring friends and family together and we love them as it is a great opportunity to sit down all together, play some games and have some snacks!

Some of our favorite snacks include a summer salad full of green leaves, onion, avocado, black beans, mango, and cucumber finished off with a drizzle of our MGO 100+ Manuka Honey!

Another treat that we love to take on a picnic is a berry smoothie! Although this can be a bit tricky to keep cold, it is definitely worth the trouble for a delicious and immune-boosting smoothie - our secret ingredient is our A Daily Dose of Immunity! Containing adaptogenic herbs to help the immune system stay in balance and also adds a hint of spice to a smoothie. 

We would love to hear what activities you are getting up to this summer, please let us know by tagging us on Instagram our handle is @manukorahoney so we can see what you are getting up to!

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