Our team's top tips for maintaining a healthy working from home routine.

It's a rough, testing time - you have to juggle the work-life balance, from the same space!

You have to handle work and family / ordinary life tasks in the same environment, and often knowing when to switch off can be hard. Our team's just finished the end of 7 long weeks of working from home and we wanted to share some tips we have been living by that got us through!

Megs Tip. Meg tried to make time every day to get out of the house and spend time outdoors.

She said going for a walk, or a bike ride ensured that not only her eyes got a break from all the screen time, but it cleared her mind and allowed her to take in some fresh air. Meg’s Pro tip - when having your outdoor time - Meg found that leaving her phone at home was a great way to not be tempted to quickly check those work emails! (apart from when she wanted to get that ‘for the gram’ image shown below!)

Hugos Tip.  Exercise daily.

Hugo loved trying different yoga routines, running, or going out for a walk! Hugo said he felt so much better afterwards as it increased his heart rate not only making him feel better but by doing his exercise midday broke up the working day making the last 4 hours of work fly by!


Tims Tip. Try to stick to a healthy diet.

For many people - working from home means they now miss out on the exercise they would have usually gotten by commuting to work. Plus, when working from home - food for a lot of people is more readily accessible, and when boredom kicks in for many, we turn to food to fill the void, we can all resonate with all the home baking that’s been going on! (like with megs cupcakes shown below). Therefore, Tim said by being conscious of his eating and trying to stick to foods that boosted his energy made him much more productive.


Hamish and Eve’s Tip. Pick up a new hobby.

When the shops were shut Hamish and Eve couldn’t see their close friends or loved ones - they both took up those things they simply didn’t have time for before. They found that it was really rewarding making some of the recipes they had wanted to try for ages such as  Hamish’s cranberry cookies - always a crowd favourite and Eve’s vegetarian walnut and mushroom mince! They found putting their mind into things other than work is an excellent way for their brain to switch off.

Lucinda’s Tip. Make sure to get dressed.

It may seem like a simple task, but Lucinda found getting up and getting dressed, not in her pj's or loungewear made her feel ten times better and gave her real motivation for the day. Plus it was a bonus for the team as it motivated the rest of us to make more of an effort and GET OUT OF OUR PJ’s!

Henry’s Tip. Henry has two super cute kids, Esther aged 4 and Jonathan aged 3. Henry said setting up a dedicated 'working space' that is separate from your living space - is ESSENTIAL especially with the kids!

Henry found it is best to dedicate a room other than your bedroom if possible. He read that when you work and sleep in the same area your brain can often get confused into what 'mode' to go into, which can lead to a loss of sleep and productivity.

The separate “working space” from the kids meant he still had the time to take the kids for a bike ride after work hours as he was so productive! 

We hope we have given you some useful tips written by the Manukora team for you to try in your daily routine while working from home! 


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