Top 5 tips for Spring Wellness

If you’re anything like us, winter often means getting cozy, eating “good” food, and plenty of Netflix streaming. With the arrival of daylight saving, our days are getting longer and lighter. Spring is just around the corner so shed that ‘winter’ mentality and start afresh. 

Now is the perfect time to get ready for the new season. Start with some good habits that can continue. Here are our top five tips for a spring wellness boost.

  • Move more
  • We all know the importance of exercise as part of a healthy diet/regime, but this doesn’t have to mean hours spent at the gym moving weights. As daylight savings takes hold and we move towards spring, we have more opportunities to get outside and get moving. Heading to your favourite cafe? Mask up and take a walk. Off to see a friend? Cycle or walk. Need to make a work call? Go for a stroll around the block. And if you need a natural energy boost, you can’t go past a spoonful of MGO 50+ manuka honey.

  • Boost your immunity
  • The change of seasons from winter to spring means there are more pollens and allergens in the air which can irritate your lungs and result in you being more susceptible to getting sick. Ensuring your immune system is in good shape can help mitigate the effects of the change of season. A simple daily ritual of immune supporting supplements is a great place to start. We’re a little biased, but think our A Daily Dose of Immunity is the perfect partner for the change of season as it contains adaptogenic herbs to help the body deal with daily stressors . And if you do feel a tickle in your throat, give your immune system a boost with An Extra Dose of Immunity.

  • Sleep

  • Sleep is one of the most important, yet underrated, activities we should be prioritizing. The average adult needs eight to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep to fully recharge. Now that’s easier said than done, but getting a good night's sleep can work wonders for your mental and physical health. There are plenty of recommendations for getting to sleep including meditation, sleep support, and screen detoxes, but our recipe is a little simpler: No screens one hour before lights out; a spoonful of MGO 100+ Mānuka honey in a warm drink; a few pages of a good book. 

  • A healthy start to the day

  • As the old adage goes, breakfast is the most important part of the day. But we get it, we’re busy people, some of us like to intermittent fast, and others don’t like to eat first thing in the morning. Here are some lighter ways to start the start healthily and give you the energy boost you need to get going. Our favourite is a brain-boosting turmeric latte, a delicious heart-supporting smoothie, or a simple spoonful of Mānuka honey. Mānuka honey is a great natural superfood and a slow-release energy source - your perfect starter to the day.



  • Spend time in nature

  • Studies have shown that spending time in nature has a positive effect on mental health including lifting moods, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety, helping concentration, and reducing stress. This Spring, shake that  winter feeling and get out and into nature to improve your mental wellbeing.

    We're on a mission to create a healthier world through innovative health products using the power of Mānuka. From nature, and for nature.

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