Top tips to de-stress and boost your immunity

It’s winter in New Zealand, so how does our team stay in good health throughout the flu season? We share our top tips to de-stress, boost immunity and stay well. 

Some of our favourites:

  • Get out in nature 
  • Refresh in the water; surfing or swimming
  • Create quiet time
  • Practice yoga and mindfulness 

  • Read on to find out more.

    Now more than ever, have we needed to find ways to destress and distance ourselves from the chaos and noise surrounding us. Recent global events have surfaced the importance of stepping away for a moment and creating space and calm. Finding what works for each of us individually can be challenging and it takes spending time with this to define it. For many of us, the demands of family and our careers mean we don’t have an abundance of time to spend on self-care. However, what is clear is that we need less time than we think. Finding space only requires 3 minutes, 10 or if you have the luxury, half an hour. It’s possible to build it into each of our busy lives. 

    Getting out in nature is an instant way to de-stress and re-set

    Stress has all sorts of negative effects on our immune system, throughout the year but we are most vulnerable when the winter flu season is upon us. To keep our immunity in good health, avoiding stress is a good focus for all of us. Getting outside is accessible for all of us and possibly, the relaxation technique we all know we should be doing more of. When time allows, our team finds the best way to destress is getting out in nature. Henry enjoys nature spots where there is no service, often his favourite fishing holes as you can see by the image below. Eve, Hugo and Michael enjoy a refreshing swim and catching a wave to de-stress, even in the middle of winter. Andy is a keen runner and enjoys a nature trail run with his dog Hank when he can! Many of us live in the city but during the week, a walk or a run around inner-city parks can be a quick way to distress.


    Quiet time creates space and calm

    Quiet time also comes in many other forms. Our team's favourite techniques for creating space indoors and internally are easy to adopt and get inspired. Meg finds a hot bath with tea and Manuka honey is the easiest way for her to relax and unwind. Knowing the benefits this has for boosting immunity, gives Meg a sense of calm knowing she is looking after her physical and mental wellbeing. Relaxation often hails from a moment when our senses are heightened. We are more likely to recognise a shift in emotion, encouraging us to become present and find space. Reading is a great way for us to unwind and forces us to distance ourselves from technology. Kindles, although are a device in their own way, don’t support the notifications that our smartphones do so these are a good option too. 

    Boost your immunity by avoiding stress in the form of mindfulness and meditation

    Mindfulness and meditation are proven techniques to find calm and can easily be incorporated into our daily routine. Often meditation is thought to require hours that we don’t have, but less than 10 minutes is just as beneficial for our wellbeing. Headspace, Aura and Calm are great apps that make meditation approachable for everyone. The New York Times published a great article here outlining a range of apps. Eve finds mindfulness in the form of cross stitch helps her slow down and become present. Tasks that involve gentle movement and a repetitive action encourages us to find space and calm.

    Gentle movement invites instant relaxation and a return to our natural breathing rhythm

    Gentle movement in the form of yoga is another favourite form of relaxation our team practices to unwind and relax. Lucinda finds yoga flow or yin yoga an instant way to destress. Breathwork is a key part of yoga but can be easily practised at home or at work to encourage moments of calm. Try an equal breath technique. Practice inhaling for 5, holding for 5 and exhaling for 5. Make your breath audible and repeat a few times. Gentle stretches are also a perfect way to destress and slow our busy minds. This is a favourite technique among some of our team and is a great way to start the day or before bed to encourage a night of better sleep.

    Take care of your precious physical and mental wellbeing

    Taking time for ourselves to support our wellbeing and boost our immunity, is the most important activity we can fit into our week. With that extra headspace, we have the capacity to be resilient, stay positive and navigate life’s ups and downs with more ease. The people who surround us, at work or at home, also benefit enormously from us taking a moment for ourselves. Trial some of the top tips from our team; getting out in nature, creating quiet time and moving gently, to find out what suits you and your lifestyle best.


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