What makes our botanical ingredients different

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What makes our botanical ingredients different

How do you tell if the supplement you are choosing contains herbal ingredients that will really work? A good question, and one that isn’t straight forward. 

The natural herbal supplement market/space can be difficult to navigate. There are lots of different but similar sounding/looking herbs, confusing numbers or 'proprietary blends' which don’t disclose the amount of herbal extract you are getting.

We make herbal supplements that contain a therapeutic dose in each serve - the recommended amount to feel a difference. In other words, we make supplements that will really work. In doing so, we’re very particular about what we put into our products. 

But there’s a catch, the good stuff can be hard to find. That’s why we partnered with a medical herbalist to select only the best and most potent herbal ingredients for our botanical products. So, when we say potent ingredients, we mean two things:

  1. The right herbal ingredient
  2. The most active part of that herbal ingredient

The right herbal ingredient - We've consciously selected the biological species of certain herbs that have clinically researched health benefits. This means we don’t settle for the less active and cheaper cousin(s) often found in natural supplements. 

The most active part of the herbal ingredient - We are very selective about using the correct part of the plant containing the active constituents. Sometimes these are found in the flower, sometimes the berries but, more often than not, they can be in the root of the plant. You’ll find many natural supplements out there that often say they use a herbal ingredient, but have chosen a different species or less active part of that ingredient.

We even go a step further and ensure each of these ingredients is wildcrafted or ecologically cultivated so we’re not exploiting the land or region where they’re grown, and means they will remain for generations to come.

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So what are some of the potent ingredients we’ve used? 

We're on a mission to create a healthier world through innovative health products using the power of Mānuka. From nature, and for nature.

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