[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h1″ font_color_type=”” font=”” custom_font_size=”” link=”” link_open=”_self”]CELEBRITIES USING MĀNUKA HONEY[/rt_heading]

Celebrities have the uncanny ability to look good all the time – but along with that, they have some pretty bizarre beauty treatments. Bird poo facials, chili to swell your lips, plumping your face with injections of your own blood – that’s a high price to pay for perfection!

Luckily, there’s one celebrity beauty secret that’s a little easier to stomach: high-UMF mānuka honey.

Who loves mānuka honey and why: 

  • Scarlett Johansson is a big believer and promoter of natural skin care. She loves using high-UMF mānuka honey as a face mask before a big event to draw out impurities and give her a natural glow.
  • Katherine Jenkins, an opera singer, likes to keep her most valuable asset in tip top shape using mānuka honey. To protect and soothe her voice, she drinks mānuka honey dissolved in hot water.
  • Lizzie Jagger, a model and Mick Jagger’s daughter, is quite particular about what goes in and around her mouth. You can say she’s a bit of a germaphobe and uses mānuka honey as a lip balm to nourish her pout and combat bacteria.
  • Supermodel Petra Nemcova has revealed that mānuka honey as a facial cleanser is one of her secrets to flawless skin. She claims it gives her plump, glowing skin, while also gently clearing, refining and removing impurities.

As the number of celebrities who swear by mānuka honey grows, it’s no wonder that it’s been labelled liquid gold.


Get that celebrity glow – mānuka honey facemask


  1. Pick a raw, high-UMF mānuka honey – click here to read more on how to choose high-quality, active mānuka honey.
  2. Wash skin with a non-fragrant, non-foaming cleanser
  3. Evenly spread a tablespoon of honey onto still damp skin – this should be enough to cover your face.
  4. Leave for about 15-20 mins. This will give the anti-bacterial effect time to work.
  5. Rinse off the honey with warm water and pat skin dry
  6. Apply moisturiser only if necessary – most skin should feel soft, smooth and moisturised.
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