Mānuka Honey MGO 850+ (UMF 20+)

$65.99 USD

The gold standard of medical grade Mānuka Honey. This delicious and highly active raw honey is best enjoyed straight from the spoon. It's an extremely rare honey that has been carefully aged to develop at least 850 mg/kg of MGO.

This honey is independently certified as:
  • UMF 20+
  • MGO 850+
  • Project Non-GMO verified
  • Glyphosate residue-free
  • Monofloral

Certified Quality

Our raw Mānuka Honey is delivered to you just as nature intended - raw, potent, pure and authentic. That's why this Mānuka Honey has been independently tested and verified across 15 different tests to ensure just that.  You can be sure this jar of Honey is raw, natural, traceable, antibiotic-free, glyphosate residue-free, Project Non-GMO Verified and certified for MGO content.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

100% Mānuka Honey 



Nutrition Information 20+ 500g


Our MGO 850+ | UMF 20+ comes in a jar made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. The label on the jar is made from FSC certified paper and is 100% recyclable. Each jar of Honey is sealed at our food-grade factory with a tamper-proof seal for purity and security. The jar is then placed in a beautiful FSC certified box which is 100% recyclable, for added protection.

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