An Extra Dose of Immunity

$50 USD

Kickstart your vital response with this potent natural combination of raw Mānuka honey, Elderberry, and Echinacea - the perfect immune boosters. When you need the energy to get going again, this synergistic formula will help you rise to the challenge!



Instant absorbing liquid immune boost when you need it most.

Why we made it

When your immune system is under attack, our potent formula featuring raw Mānuka honey along with clinically proven Echinacea and Elderberry offers the extra help you need to mount your defense!

Elderberries are packed with constituents that strengthen resistance and mop up those free radicals that can stress the system and drain your energy reserves. The purple anthocyanins and their synergistic compounds are tonifying antioxidants that help keep our respiratory tissues in tip-top condition, ready to repel unhealthy invaders. Echinacea, with its immune-modulating polysaccharides and alkamides, is a perfect companion.

Together, these two powerhouses will kickstart your immune response and promote the natural healing that gets your body going again.

What it does

Formulated by a medical herbalist and designed to help:
+ stimulate the immune system
+ boost your natural defenses
+ protect against oxidative stress (antioxidant)
+ naturally regain and sustain energy
+ build resilience in the respiratory system

How to use

An Extra Dose of Immunity is best taken as soon as you notice those feelings that signal your immune system has come under attack. If you think you may be coming down with something, try taking a spoonful or two each day as required. Your immune system will appreciate the added support!

Extra Dose features two time-tested botanicals, Elderberry and Echinacea, that focus on activating immunity just when you need it the most. Both have been trusted for generations and verified by modern science.

You can enjoy your Extra Dose straight from the bottle or in a hot drink – how about an herbal tea or warm water with lemon and ginger? Your Extra Dose has a sweet and light fruitlike flavor that reflects the immune power of Elderberry. Along with the subtle tingle of Echinacea and the unique essence of raw Mānuka honey, this makes a delicious botanical elixir!

An Extra Dose of Immunity is designed to be used specifically when needed - for ongoing immune empowerment and adaptogenic support, we suggest taking A Daily Dose of Immunity instead.

Good to know

An Extra Dose of Immunity is tested and certified as:
• Vegetarian
• Caffeine-free
• Gluten-free
• Non-GMO Project verified
• Third-party tested for herbal potency
• GMP certified for quality and safety
• Glyphosate residue-free

Instant absorbing liquid immune boost when you need it most.