Mānuka Honey MGO 1200+ (UMF 25+)

$299.99 USD

Rare, exquisite, and luxurious mānuka honey that boasts an independent certification of UMF 25+ | MGO 1200+. This limited edition (only 130 jars produced) batch has been collected from single hives in very remote locations within the New Zealand wilderness making it very pure and highly active. It has been carefully aged for up to 2 years to develop at least 1200mg of dietary methylglyoxal per kg of honey. It has a rich and bold taste with a velvety texture and is the perfect treat, gift or self-indulgence.

This rare, limited edition mānuka honey is independently certified as:

UMF 25+
MGO 1200+
Project Non-GMO
Glyphosate residue-free

Certified Quality

Our raw Mānuka Honey is delivered to you just as nature intended - raw, potent, pure and authentic. That's why this Mānuka Honey has been independently test and verified across 15 different tests to ensure just that. You can be sure this jar of Honey is Raw, Natural, Traceable, Antibiotic free, Glyphosate residue free, Project Non-GMO Verified, Certified for MGO content.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

100% Mānuka Honey 



Our MGO 1200+ | UMF 25+ comes in a beautiful clear glass jar with gold lid to showcase this exquisitely rare honey. Packaged into a stunning solid box with gold colour inlay, your jar of honey is protected on its journey from us to you.

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