A new approach has been developed in an attempt to overcome the common adulterations and quality deviations in honey. Using proton-NMR profiling coupled to suitable quantification procedures and statistical models, analytical criteria were defined to check the legitimacy of both mono- and multi-floral honey. The data used in the analysis was a wide range of worldwide honeys of more than 800, covering nearly all of the significant economical and geographical origins. Plant nectar markers can be used as a way to authenticate monofloral honey labeling. Both natural variability and spectral patterns were established for the multi-floral honeys, as well as marker signals for sugar syrups being identified using statistical comparison with a commercial dataset of around 200 honeys. Despite the results being qualitative, experiments have determined the ability of the method in detecting sugar addition down to levels of 10% in favourable cases. Furthermore, the same NMR experiments, quantification of glucose, fructose, sucrose and 5-HF were also performed. Which eventually showed the onset of fermentation as described.


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