The quality of honey is based on the botanical and floral origin, as well as the chemical composition (Cherchi, Spaneeda, Tuberoso, and Cabras, 1994) and the price is based on its quality, and is therefore closely tied to origin (Andrade, Ferreres, & Amaral, 1997). Historically, the floral source of a certain honey is established by analysis of bee pollens present within it. However, Tan, Wilikins, Molan, Holland, and Reid (1989) have now suggested that chemical approaches will give a more accurate result of floral sources of honey. By adopting phenolic compound analysis, including flavonoids, in the identification of honey has been suggested (Amiot, Aubert, Gonnet & Tacchini, 1989), and since then, has been used as an instrument for analysing the floral and geographical origins of honey.


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