[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h1″ font_color_type=”” font=”” custom_font_size=”” link=”” link_open=”_self”]HIGH-UMF MĀNUKA HONEY – HAVE YOU HEARD THE BEAUTY BUZZ?[/rt_heading]

High UMF mānuka honey’s skin rejuvenating and health properties have been well documented – it’s used to aid wound healing in hospitals all over the world.


And since beautiful skin is really about having healthy skin it makes sense that mānuka would make a powerful beauty serum too. Yes, that little jar of gold isn’t just delicious – it can do wonders for your skin too.



Banish blemishes

High UMF mānuka honey’s uniquely high enzyme levels are super powerful against the bacteria that cause pimples and other kinds of skin infections. The sugar and pH levels stop microbes from growing.

On top of this the high-UMF honey’s produces hydrogen peroxide – a big bacteria fighter. Its phytochemicals also pump up your own defense system.

In the pimple fighting stakes, it beats a blob of toothpaste any day!


Plump it up

High-UMF mānuka honey is a natural ‘humectant’. That means it pulls moisture from the air – making it an ideal moisturiser. And plump, moisturised skin looks younger and healthier, with fewer wrinkles.

Try using it as a face mask on its own, or squeeze some into your body wash or moisturiser.


Fight aging

From junk food to car fumes, sunshine to radiation – these all create free radicals that damage your skin, making you look older than you are.

Antioxidants are the way to fight free radicals – and high-UMF mānuka honey is packed with them.

In your jar of high-UMF mānuka honey you’ll find flavonoids, phenolic compounds, ascorbic acid, tocopherols, and other compounds that combine to protect your skin. Look for darker mānuka honey – studies have shown this is a reliable indicator of its antioxidant power.


Slather on sunburn

Mānuka honey with a high UMF has been shown to soothe burns and help them heal faster.

This, again, is down to its unique combination of properties that protect against bacteria, provide a protective barrier, moisturise and calm inflammation – and the pain that goes with it.

So if you forget to reach for the sunscreen or you’re feeling like your skin needs a boost, don’t keep the high-UMF mānuka honey just for your toast!

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