Quality Assurance

Manukora Uses The UMF Quality Mark

The Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF) rating is a NZ Government approved quality mark developed and overseen by the UMF Honey Association. The UMFHA is a collection of NZ beekeepers, packers, exporters, and distributors established for the good of the industry. The UMF testing process is the most comprehensive analysis in the industry. Unlike other grading systems, UMF ensures that all of the key signature compounds which together identify genuine, high-quality Mānuka Honey are present.

The Best Or Nothing

The UMF number on the honey’s label indicates the level of quality and purity of the product. Every batch of honey must go through a series of checks to ensure the ultimate in authenticity, quality, and safety. All UMF license holders are independently audited to meet stringent standards of production, manufacturing, sampling and handling. So when you see the letters UMF you can be sure you’re buying 100% natural, unadulterated Mānuka Honey. While some honey producers undertake other rating systems, UMF is an unbiased, independent authority set up to certify genuine, high-quality Mānuka Honey.

How To Identify Genuine Mānuka Honey

At Manukora we recognised the need for customers to quickly and confidently identify genuine Mānuka honey. That is why we are members of the UMFHA. The UMFHA has invested in a world-leading science programme which identified the unique signature compounds found in Mānuka honey. We also created UMF® – a quality mark – to clearly show a product has been tested by an independent laboratory to confirm it contains these signature compounds. Our quality mark can be found only on our members’ products. Only the UMF® grading system measures the signature compounds that science has proven to be found in genuine Mānuka honey from New Zealand.