Our journey began a long time ago, before the international Manuka phenomenon. Bryce Hooton was a young man deciding what to do with his life after two separate incidents left him totally blind. Bryce was a farmer by trade, but an introduction to bees was all he needed to proceed down a new path. Over the next few years, Bryce developed a strong connection with his new trade and most importantly his bees. In 1998, after a decade of beekeeping, Bryce decided to open his own honey packing plant. At the time this was one of only a few plants in the country.
For the first decade, the plant was predominately packing light honey for the domestic market and our creamy clover proved very popular in NZ supermarkets. As the reputation of Manuka started gathering momentum in offshore markets the lighter honey was replaced by New Zealand’s finest, dark, high-grade Manuka and, Manukora was born. The last few years have been fast paced as the industry has been rapidly expanding. Manukora has been positioned well as a high-end Manuka Honey producer servicing 10 key markets. Our aim is to deliver authentic, innovative honey based products to our loyal customers.
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