We are transparent in everything we do, our unique product serialisation system "Trust Codes" gives you access to data on every singly product we sell.

Trust us, this is the real deal

Our Trust Codes® solution allows us to seamlessly share supply chain data with you and provide authenticity guarantee.
Every Manukora jar and sachet has a uniquely identifiable ‘Trust Code’ (QR) that differentiates it.
This commitment to transparency is no small feat. We take care of all the hard work to ensure you receive our product exactly as nature intended.

Build in from brand truths doc? Globally, we are the only NZ Manuka brand using independent sequencing technology “Trust Codes” to prove the quality and origin of every single product we sell. While other brands use batch codes our unique coding system goes a significant step further and proves the authenticity of each and every jar. Every jar has its own unique code which can be scanned to validate it’s quality and authenticity right down to the beehive it came from.