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16,000 5-Star Reviews

Meet Your Key To Vitality:
Honey With Superpowers™

Manukora® Mānuka Honey is packed with a range of bioactive nutrients, antioxidants, and prebiotics - plus it is delicious!

Supports digestion and gut health

Strengthens immune system

Clean sustained energy












How Others are Using It

3 Reasons To Nourish Your Body With Manukora Honey

1. Kickstart Your Day

Give your brain, heart, and muscles the essential fuel they need to function. Manukora Mānuka honey is lower on the glycemix index vs refined sugar, providing clean glucose and sustained energy.

2. Optimize Your Microbiome

Manukora Mānuka honey contains over 2,000 phytonutrients - far more than regular honey. Many of these special properties are not found in any other honey or food.

3. Treat Your Tastebuds

The best tasting honey on the planet with a creamy caramel and toffee flavor, delicately harvested with our traditional beekeeping standards to produce this exceptional taste profile.

#1 High-grade Mānuka in the USA

Honey, like you’ve never experienced it.

Powerful antibacterial compound 'MGO'

Traceable to its source. See the purity and potency of your honey!

Deliciously smooth, creamy texture

Bioactive compounds

Unique prebiotics & antioxidants


Deliciously smooth, creamy texture


Bioactive compounds


Unique prebiotics & antioxidants


Powerful antibacterial compound 'MGO'


Traceable to its source. See the purity and potency of your honey!

The Manukora Difference

Pure & Protected

Our hives, placed in remote forests,  are free from environmental toxins and pesticides, with every batch 3rd party tested to verify this.

Ethical Practices

We take pride in our ethical beekeeping practices, placing the well-being of bees and the environment at the forefront. This commitment allows us to bring you raw honey with a luxurious, velvety texture.

Functionality At Its Finest

Our honey is packed with an abundance of powerful nutrients that support digestive and immune health. From antioxidants that combat oxidative stress to prebiotics that nourish your gut, our super honey is a highly functional superfood.

16,000+ 5-Star Reviews

MGO 850+

Daily Digestive And Immune Support

Our best selling honey - MGO 850+. Ethically produced, raw Mānuka Honey sourced from New Zealand that tastes as good as it makes you feel.

Aid in optimal digestive health

Support a healthy microbiotal balance in the gut

Strengthens immune system

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Jar (8.82 oz)

35 servings

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Jar (1.1 lb)

70 servings

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MGO 850+ Honey Stick Packets

5 single-serve Manukora MGO 850+ honey sticks. The perfect companion when on-the-go.

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MGO Grades Explained

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is a powerful antibacterial compound not found in
regular honey.

Put simply, the higher the MGO grade, the higher the concentration of the good stuff.

70% of the antioxidants in Manuka honey are not found in any other honey. These are potent polyphenols such as Leptosperin.

Buzzing Reviews

  • Magic Honey

    I’m a ‘honey person’ and hands down this is best I’ve ever tried. Everything from the way it makes me feel to the taste and texture, etc. Plus, its my key for fighting off a cold!

    Adella C

    Verified Buyer

  • This is like gold...

    This is like gold to your body! I knew it was making a difference when I went on a trip without it for 4 days and could totally feel the difference. My secret weapon!

    Stephanie J

    Verified Buyer

  • Wonderful Product

    I love the flavor of your honey and the health benefits are fantastic! Feel a HUGE difference in my digestive system. Keep up the great work.

    Josh G

    Verified Buyer

  • Great Product

    Great product. Love the taste. Also like the squeeze bottle in this size. In addition, I like the company's commitment to sustainability and traceability.

    Fa B

    Verified Buyer

  • Best Manuka Honey I've tried...

    Manukora Honey is Excellent...but, Please don't buy it...really...more for me. Thank you Manukora!

    Michael B

    Verified Buyer

  • Best honey ever!!!!

    Love the taste! I want to try the 1000 to get the full complete benefits of this honey!!!

    Elaine R

    Verified Buyer