16,300+ 5-Star Reviews

The best tasting creamy caramel honey you'll ever have

Save up to 25% on the gold standard of Mānuka honey for potent, targeted health support.

Packed with high levels of antioxidants & prebiotics

Promotes digestive health, supports immunity, boosts energy

MGO 850+ is the #1 high-grade Mānuka in the USA

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Our honey has credentials

Glyphosate residue-free

certified b-corp

Non-GMO Verified

Backed by 3rd-Party Testing

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Nanette from California

"The best honey ever. So delicious! I add it to plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon, walnuts and blueberries...but the best part is enjoying this deep golden caramel sweetness right off the spoon."

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16,300+ 5-Star Reviews

MGO 850+

Our best selling honey - MGO 850+ has a rich caramel and toffee flavor with slightly bitter undertones and light floral notes. It typically has a smooth, creamy texture.

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Single unit of MGO 850+ in a 8.82oz Jar (35 tsp. servings)

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30 day money-back guarantee

Active prebiotics aid in optimal digestive health

Unique antioxidants empower a normal high-functioning immune system

Natural source of slow-release energy & antioxidants

3 reasons why Manukora Mānuka belongs in your routine

1. Hands down the best tasting honey on the planet!

No industrial practices, just old school, ethical beekeeping to deliver you the creamiest caramel super honey on the planet!

Amy from Illinois

"This honey is extraordinary! Hands down the best honey I've ever had - using it daily straight out of the jar and also in my tea and coffee. I'll be reordering for sure - Entirely worth it for both the taste and the health benefits!"

2. Make your microbiome smile

Not just delicious, nutritious! Our MGO 850+ contains over 2,000 unique compounds including antimicrobials, antioxidants, prebiotics, and other important nutrients.
What does it mean for you?

Supports a healthy microbiotal balance in the gut

Empowers a normal, high-functioning digestive system

Aids in digestive comfort

3. A brilliant source of natural energy to kickstart your day

Our brain, heart & muscles need some form of glucose to function. Mānuka honey is a highly functional alternative to refined sugar in your diet.

Another quick tip!

Mānuka honey has a lower Glycemic Index vs sugar, providing a slower energy release and sustained energy.

Why choose Manukora?

Mind Blowing Taste

The amazing taste is unlike anything else you would have tried!
Our high-grade Mānuka honey is much darker and richer than regular honey due to unique antioxidants from the Manuka nectar.

Raw & Creamy

Our master beekeepers practice The Art of Ethical Beekeeping - a traditional way of beekeeping that prioritizes the health of the bees and their environments.
This allows us to keep our honey raw and ensure the amazing creamy texture!

Highly Functional!

Our honey contains a wide range of bioactive compounds including; antioxidants, prebiotics, and nutrients to support optimal digestive and immune health.

How our honey stacks up

  • Creamy caramel guarantee

    Unique antioxidants, prebiotics and MGO

    Traceable to source

    Glyphosate-residue free

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What customers are saying

Over 16,300+ ★★★★★

reviews and counting

  • Katie



    "The health benefits keep surprising me!"
    A little Manuka honey every day alone, on some fruit, or in some homemade chia pudding and the health benefits keep surprising me! My gut and lung health has improved in such an enjoyable and delicious way!




    "Customer for life!"
    I take it religiously every single day, a tablespoon usually before bed and I give my dog a quarter teaspoon. This is magical honey and I love it!! I will be a customer for life!




    If you're having any thoughts about this honey, go ahead and do yourself a favor and get it. You will love it! I add it to my coffee and eat it right off the spoon and its delicious.

  • Penny



    "Believe it!"
    I love it! It's flavor is layered, smooth, & creamy. I started taking/eating it to improve my overall health. I have used raw honey's regularly in the past to boost my system.




    "It's the best honey and so fresh and clean!! Amazing!!"
    Its absolutely amazing! Me and my 11 year old son absolutely love it and will never buy any other honey ever again! It's soo smooth and sweet and purest tasting in all the right expectations when your savoring it.




    "Worth Every Penny"
    This honey is the absolute best!! It's worth the money all day long. I just got the flu a few days ago. It has gone through the house. Everyone, except me had the sore throat. My throat is perfect!! Because I take the honey. All my symptoms were significantly less than the others. So, I had to share my honey :) Thank the bees, please!!

  • Mary



    "Wonderful product!"
    It’s yummy and healthy and I am so thankful that you are producing such a high quality product. It’s definitely a luxury. I’d much rather spend my money on my health and that of our beautiful planet. Thank you! ♥️




    "Taste & Texture: A+"
    Extremely tasty. The texture is like caramel straight out of the refrigerator. Will be ordering more.




    "This honey tastes amazing"
    I also really appreciate the QR code on the lid which directs you to the lab testing for the batch. This is how you build trust. I wish more companies in the food space understood this. Additionally, the one time I contacted your customer service you went above and beyond. I love buying products from companies who care, thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Superheros behind


Manukora was born in 2015 when I was introduced to Bryce Hooton, one of New Zealand's pioneering beekeepers who remarkably is also 100% blind. It was through Bryce I understood it took an unmatched ability to tune into the bees and their environment in order to produce top quality Mānuka honey🍯💫.

In the years since hand packing our first jars, we have doubled down on Bryce’s old-school, ethical practices to deliver Mānuka honey in its raw and most pure form. The result is our creamy, caramel super honey - the ultimate functional indulgence.

Michael, Founder

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