What is Mānuka Honey?

Manuka honey is a unique honey from New Zealand that is produced from the nectar of the Manuka Tree (Leptospermum Scoparium) and is renowned for its unique properties. Find out more about this liquid gold here.

What are the benefits of Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka Honey is a special Honey from New Zealand and it is widely known to have unique benefits and properties, some of which have been scientifically tested and published. Unfortunately, as we adhere to the requirements of the New Zealand Food regulations, MPI and the UMF association, we're unable to make any claims on the health or medicinal benefits of Mānuka Honey. Many of you, our customers, have shared the different ways you use it and the benefits you see from its use, so we recommend giving it a try and see what this special Honey can do for you.

What does MGO mean?

The active ingredient in Mānuka honey is called Methylglyoxal (MGO) and this is what gives Mānuka its unique properties. The higher the MGO content, the higher the potency. Find out more here.

What does UMF mean?

The other rating Mānuka Honey can have is what is known as a UMF Rating (Unique Mānuka Factor). To ensure that the Mānuka honey is genuine and what it says on the label, each batch of honey is independently tested for 3 different markers (including MGO) to give it its UMF rating. Find out more here.

What honey is best for using on my skin?

Any of our Mānuka Honey products are special, although the higher the MGO the more potent they are. We would recommend the UMF 20+ Mānuka honey as it is our most active and potent honey that we sell. 

Why is my second jar not like my first jar of honey?

As a result of minimal processing, our honey is not homogenized, meaning you will experience a different product batch by batch. We keep it as raw as possible to maintain all the goodness it contains for you.

What is the code on top of my honey for?

That is your unique trust code! If you scan your code (by pointing your smartphone camera at the code and following the prompts) you will find out where your honey is from and see it’s unique ratings.

What format is your honey in?

Our honey is raw to maintain it’s healing and health properties and comes as a creamed, liquid form.

Can infants eat Mānuka Honey?

We do not recommend infants 12 months or younger consume Mānuka honey.

Is your honey pasteurized?

Our raw Mānuka honey is not pasteurised.

How do I scan my trust code?

Open the camera in your smartphone, point your camera at the code and you will be prompted to open up a browser that will contain all of the information about your manukora honey jar.


Where do you ship to?

We currently only ship to the USA (including Hawaii). 

How much is shipping to the USA?

We offer free shipping to the USA on all orders.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

USA customers

Once processed (which generally takes 2 days) your order will be with you within 3 working days

Hawaii customers

Once processed (which generally takes 2 days) your order will be with you within 5 working days.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Not at this stage. However, if you are wanting to purchase over $500 USD worth of honey, please email and we will see what we can do for you.


Do you offer returns?

No, we do not as honey is a food item and therefore cannot be returned. However, if you are not fully satisfied with your honey we will send you a replacement jar.

Do you provide refunds?

No, we do not, however, if you are not fully satisfied with your honey we will send you a replacement jar.

Can I return my honey if I do not like it?

Sadly, we do not accept returns for a change of mind.


Are your jars BPA free?
Yes, our jars are BPA free.

Do you take TED payments?

No, we do not, unfortunately. The payment types we accept are:

Mastercard, AMEX, Visa, PayPal, Apple pay.

How do I change the address on my order?

Simply email and the team will be able to change this for you. Please note that we will need to change this before it is shipped so please email us as soon as you notice and our team will help. If you order has shipped, then it is out of our hands unfortunately (literally!).

Why have I only received half of my order?

Don't worry, if you have purchased two or more items we may have to use multiple fulfilment centres so it will be sent in two separate packages.

I am allergic to bee stings, will I be allergic to honey?

The best option for you would be to contact your medical professional.

Where does your honey come from?

Manukora Manuka Honey is from New Zealand. Our honey is sourced from a wide range of beekeepers in what we call ‘the golden triangle’ which is the area between Northland, Taranaki and the East Cape which is famous for producing the most active Manuka nectar in New Zealand.

I am a medical practitioner and want to become an affiliate how do I do this?

That is great news! Please email us at and we will be in touch with you to gather more information.

What are your jars made out of?

Our jars are 100% recycled plastic. Our jars are also BPA free and our labels are FSC certified.

If you have any other questions, please live chat us, visit our social channels or email us at