The Manukora Process

We are New Zealand Mānuka experts. Through our methiculous process, our raw Mānuka Honey is delivered to you just as nature intended - raw, potent, pure and authentic.

We believe in transparency in all that we do.

From looking after our environment, our bees, our beekeepers, landowners, staff, suppliers, and customers we are, in our little way, helping create a healthier and better world.

Phase 1: The Art Of Beekeeping

1. Golden Triangle

Our world class traceability journey begins in the remote regions of the North Island of New Zealand. Between Northland, Taranaki and East Cape is a region named the "Golden Triangle" famous for producing the most active and potent nectar in New Zealand.

Golden triangle of New Zealand
Remote New Zealand

2. Remoteness

The remoteness of our sourcing region means our bees have an endless source of nectar to feed from in the untouched biodiverse forests. Being out of harms way mean that none of our bee colonies are treated with chemicals. Our honey is a direct product of the environment it was created in - always Non-GMO, Glyphosate & Antibiotics free - no quick fixes here, bee health and quality honey are our priority, always.

3. Innovation

Our unique traceability process is designed using unique product serialization. This allows us to offer traceability back to the exact beehive your Mānuka has come from.

This technology guarantees product integrity whilst also showcasing the story behind every individual unit.

Manukora Unique Traceability platform for Manuka Honey
Manuka flower close up

4. Precision

The Mānuka flower blooms for only 2-6 weeks per year making it an extremely special and unique season. This occurs in December and January in the peak of New Zealand Summer.

5. Partnerships

Beekeeping is an extremely fine art that comes with decades of experience. Techniques and prime hive locations have been passed down through generations and we have built strong relationships with beekeepers and land owners to ensure we’re working with the most experienced humans, doing what they love, and loving what they do.

Beekeepers working with honey frames and hives
Capped manuka honey

6. Respect & Care

Bee health is a growing concern globally, unethical practices such as the use of antibiotics to artificially enhance bee health.

We secure the health of our bees by leaving sufficient honey in the hives ensuring there is enough food for our bees throughout winter. This gives the bees access to proper nutrition that's essential to maintaining their health all-year-round.

Phase 2: The Art of Perfecting

7. Transport

Capped honey frames are then carefully transported to our specialist Mānuka extraction facility in Te Aroha, New Zealand.

Manukora transporting capped Manuka Honey

8. Extraction

Our specialist processing plant and team are trained to use the unique equipment required to extract Mānuka honey and ensure the unique active properties of Mānuka honey are retained.

9. Quality & Individualization

The honey frames are extracted into separate batches to ensure unique grades of Mānuka honey remain separate. Our Traceability Code process tags each of these unique batches which allows us to link the batch to the exact location and hives the honey was extracted from.

Every single batch is subject to 13 different tests - these include New Zealand government standards (MPI) as well as Non-GMO, Glyphosate free and other quality tests to ensure quality.

Customer enjoying Manukora Manuka Honey

10. Curation For Customers

Because our hives are from different locations within the 'Golden Triangle' region, the Mānuka honey produced varies in consistency, color and texture.

Our knowledgeable team curates the Mānuka honey to customer specification taking into consideration that every batch is unique.

11. Packing

We take care to use the best possible packaging options available that meet our goals to reduce our environmental impact but also work within our high food safety standards.

All our jars are made using 100% recycled PET and our boxes and shippers are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) material.

12. Transparency

Our Traceability Codes process means every product is individually tagged and activated during production. Linking the product from the hive all the way through to the finished product.

This means we can prove the authenticity and quality of each and every product we produce. Every Manukora product has its own unique code which can be scanned to validate our end-to-end traceability process.

We're on a mission to create a healthier world through innovative health products using the power of Mānuka. From nature, and for nature.