Five Box Bundle - Extra Dose of Immunity Stick Packets

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Kickstart your vital response with this potent natural combination of raw Manuka honey, Elderberry, and Echinacea - the perfect immune boosters.

Take directly from the packet, and add it to a tea or coffee, a smoothie, oats, or yogurt. Each packet contains approximately 1 teaspoon.

A single-serve, convenient packet made from 100% compostable materials.

Our botanical stick packets range are coming up to their coded best-before date of December 2022. Shelf life testing takes time and we wanted to launch our new compostable stick packs fast which meant using a very short shelf life when we did.
We have now completed shelf life testing which confirms the shelf life for this compostable material and these products extend until May 2023.

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Honey with Superpowers™

Honey, like you've never tasted it

Rich, creamy caramel taste. Unique antioxidants. Bioactive prebiotics. Unique antibacterial compound, MGO*.