One-Time Mānuka Honey MGO 850+ (UMF 20+)

The gold standard for Mānuka honey, this extremely rare and carefully aged raw Mānuka honey is bold and highly active. It is one of nature's superfoods and is certified with over 850+ mg/kg of MGO - the key antibacterial property of Mānuka honey.

Sourced from some of our best hives in remote mānuka forests of New Zealand. All Manukora Mānuka Honey is Raw, Unpasteurized, Non-GMO Project Verified, Antibiotic-free, Glyphosate residue-free certified, and Traceable.

Best enjoyed straight from the jar on a spoon and is known to help with everyday wellness and topical uses.

Sustainable Packaging

Our MGO 850+ | UMF 20+ comes in a jar made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.

The label on the jar is made from FSC certified paper and is 100% recyclable. Each jar of Honey is sealed at our food-grade factory with a tamper-proof seal for purity and security. The jar is then placed in a beautiful FSC certified box which is 100% recyclable, for added protection. It is then shipped in an FSC certified and fully recyclable shipper box to ensure it gets to you as we intended.

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The taste of this pure Mānuka honey is deliciously rich and floral with a warming hint of spice. MGO 100+ is a perfect health booster to culinary creations; it's perfect for toast, smoothies, warming up with a cup of tea, or cooling down with ice-cold lemonade.

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Rich, creamy caramel taste. Unique antioxidants. Bioactive prebiotics. Unique antibacterial compound, MGO*.