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This is the best honey in the entire world. If you are thinking to yourself, "meh, I don't know if I want to spend this much on a jar of honey, how good could it be?" do yourself a favor and make this investment once. >> Read more

It's like magic. Strangest thing in the world to put sticky honey on your face (that's where my burn was), but it stopped all of the scaring and the burn, which was low 3rd degree, healed in a week.

I bought it to use to treat MRSA infection in my nose that kept flaring after clearing up from being treated with Mupirocin. So far it has proven effective. I also used it on some patches of seborrheic dermatitis on my ears and it healed that as well. I'm very pleased with the product and will buy from them again.

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I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to try this out. I have to admit, this is quite exceptional stuff. The unique, caramel-like natural flavor is very tasty, and the renowned health properties make it a must-try product. I add a little to a glass of purified water, then add a couple of teaspoons of basil seeds to make a hydrating health drink.

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I love this Manuka honey. I have also purchased another one from a different company that was about 50% cheaper, but when it comes to color and taste, it can't compare to this one. Always remember to take a spoonful at least 30 mins before and after drinking water or any other liquids and ALWAYS use a plastic spoon, as stainless steel kills the potency. I use this for myself and for my dog who currently has a staph infection. This honey kills staph, and my dog likes the taste.

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Look for UMF+ or MGO. Manuka factor is not a true test of its medicinal quality. This has been laboratory tested and you can look up the batch online. If it does not come from New Zealand it is not the real thing.

After 3 months of battle with an acute gastritis I decide to try this honew, the price is quite high but be assured that this is liquid gold for your body, is been about a month and half and I'm felling way better, I ate beans today and little bit of ice cream ... >> Read more

Honey had a spider bite that got infected. Antibiotic cream was not enough. He suggested buying some Manuka honey and when I saw the price, holy wow! But, I wanted the sore to heal, so I did more research on it. Convinced it was the way to go, I bit the bullet and bought a small jar. Within 24 hours of application, the sore was already looking much better. Another 24 hours later, and the infection is quickly receding. ... >> Read more

WOW! My shipment just arrived today and couldn't wait to give it a try and it sure lived up to my expectations. Such a rich taste. Looking forward to ordering more!

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I had just read in a magazine on the benefits of Manuka Honey. Everything I read about, I now see is true. I take a teaspoon about twice a day and can tell it works great when you are getting a cold or allergies.

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Exactly as pictured. You can smell the medicinal properties compared to plain honey. Taste good. Ive used it on my skin for different reasons and you can see a difference after using it one time. Ive also used it once as a face mask and it made my face and skin super soft. I primarily purchased it to consume raw for the medicinal benefits. Good stuff.

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Manuka honey is reknown for it's medicinal properties, so do yourself a favor and don't expect it to be the most delicious. Personally I like the flavor, but I prefer the flavor of clover honey. I bought this as a natural homeopathic treatment for an infection, not for general consumption.

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This honey is amazing. It seriously helped me fight off a cold. I could feel my self getting better after a day or so.

There may be less expensive versions of same quality. The therepeutic value taken internally with meals deserves 5 stars either way.

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Helps with sore throat from reflux, coughing too!

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This Manuka honey is a new addition to my natural medicine kit after treating with it some very ugly lesions that appeared on my beagle's elbows. She does love to lick the honey, but a drop of lavender oil near the lesions dissuaded her. At first, I repeated the treatment three times a day and then just at night. I didn't bandage, so it was a little messy, but no big deal as it didn't stain. It was amazing to see the elbows heal and grow new hair. It didn't sting, or bothered her in any way, so she was most cooperative. I also used it on a pimple I had on my face, with very fast results. Too expensive for pancakes, I am keeping it in the medicine cabinet.

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Genuine UMF 20+ honey. Has a good flavor. Has helped me with my stomach problems.

Pricy... but seems way better then the Kiva Manuka UMF 20+. Just got it, so hope quality is good. But at least it came with the appropriate documentation. So, that's good. The Kiva 20+ umf came with no batch number, or production date. And the UMF licence number was not accurate. Had to return the Kiva UMF 20+. Thanks Amazon for standing up for the little guy. Changed it to 5 stars. Because it's worth the money.

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