Manuka Honey for Long-Term Health: Why It's an Essential Part of Your Pantry

Manuka Honey for Long-Term Health: Why It's an Essential Part of Your Pantry
Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden

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Executive Summary:

  • Manuka honey is unique due to its array of beneficial nutrients.
  • Manuka honey contains high levels of antibacterial methylglyoxal (MGO), which can support your long-term health and wellness.
  • There are many ways to incorporate Manuka honey into your daily routine and lifestyle.
  • At Manukora, we're committed to sustainable production of the Manuka honey we know and love. This means taking care of our buzzing friends and providing transparency every step of the way.


Manuka as A Source of Wellness and Vitality

Longevity is a common goal among health-conscious individuals. Thanks to technology and science, we’re living longer than ever before. Yet, does Manuka honey have a place here? How can it help contribute to your long-term health?

Manuka honey is packed with beneficial nutrients and has a yummy, creamy, and sweet taste. However, don’t let the sweetness trick you; Manuka honey is extremely nourishing on many levels. Its rare nutrients, such as MGO and leptosperin, help maintain immunity, digestion, and overall health. So, in this article, let’s explore in more detail how Manuka honey is the perfect addition to your pantry—especially if you’re interested in supporting your long-term health.


What Makes Manuka Honey Unique?

Thanks to the nectar of the Manuka tea tree, Manuka honey has high levels of methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO gives way to powerful antibacterial effects, which can help maintain a healthy immune and digestive system. 

Let’s not forget that this golden elixir also contains an exclusive antioxidant called leptosperin. Surprisingly, 70% of the antioxidants in Manuka honey are not found in any other honey. Helping to balance inflammation and protect against cell damage, leptosperin and other antioxidants can help you maintain good health for many years to come. Now, that’s a lot of goodness packed into a single spoonful!

Yet, there’s more… Panose is a unique oligosaccharide in Manuka honey that acts as a prebiotic, supporting digestive and gut health. This can have many implications for your overall health, such as maintaining good gut health—which, in turn, can also support your mental health thanks to the gut-brain axis.


Manuka Honey and Wellness: A Long-Term Perspective

This yummy honey makes it easy to address long-term health needs while adding some sweetness to our daily lives. Manuka’s outstanding nutrient profile makes it a perfect ally for overall health and wellness. Its beneficial nutrients help maintain digestive health, immunity, and overall wellness—that is when it’s consumed responsibly.

It’s always important to consume this liquid gold in moderation and in conjunction with a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Manuka honey contains around 17g of sugar per tablespoon, which needs to be taken into consideration when considering your daily intake. Remember, too much of any one thing is never a good thing.


Immunity Boosting Properties of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey supports the immune system through MGO’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. On top of MGO, leptosperin and methyl syringate, also found in Manuka honey, further contribute to keeping the immune system running in tip-top shape.


Digestive Health and Manuka Honey

Good gut health is key to sustainable long-term health. Luckily, Manuka honey can help maintain a good microbiome balance in the gut. Containing prebiotics, like panose, the nutrients in this honey help support the “good” bacteria in your gut. 

As mentioned above, this can have spillover effects on your overall health. The gut plays an important role in immunity, mental health, inflammation, and more. Thus, ensuring your gut is kept happy also guarantees good health for many years to come.


Incorporating Manuka Honey into Your Daily Routine

Here are three practical tips on how you can integrate Manuka honey into daily meals and snacks:

  1. Use Manuka honey as a natural sweetener.

Let the rich caramel taste of Manuka honey elevate any dish. Drizzle it over a fresh garden salad, add a dollop to your roasted seasonal vegetables, add it to your smoothies to sweeten the taste, or use it as a sweet syrup over your ice cream.

  1. Make Manuka honey part of your morning routine.

Start your day right by adding a teaspoon of Manuka to your warm herbal tea, energizing coffee, or morning green smoothie. You can even pop some on your comforting oatmeal for an energy boost.

  1. Choose Manuka honey as a nourishing, sweet alternative.

Craving something sweet? Top your homemade granola bar or fresh apple with creamy Manuka to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a nutrient-dense snack.  

Manuka honey is best used straight from the jar and drizzled onto your dish. To maintain as many nutrients as possible, avoid heating it and instead add it to your cuisine after cooking. 

Feel free to get creative with this golden liquid and transform your everyday dishes. You could level up a classic acidic vinaigrette by dripping in some sweet Manuka honey to create a rich dressing. This will perfectly complement a simple crisp green salad. 

For something spooky and fun that the kids will love, try making honey peanut butter ghosts using Manukora Manuka honey and creamy nut butter. Cooking with Manuka honey can truly be something the whole family enjoys and loves.


Sustainable Practices: Manukora’s Commitment

Manukora creates premium Manuka honey, ethically sourced from remote, dense forests of New Zealand. Committed to The Art of Ethical Beekeeping, Manukora’s beekeepers ensure the environment and bees are taken care of. We believe when our bees are happy, our honey benefits, too.

Additionally, each Manukora product has a unique QR code that can be scanned to show you all kinds of information about your honey, such as the MGO contents, the beekeeper who tended to your specific batch, and more. As a health-conscious consumer, you can know exactly what you are consuming and where it has come from. 

Manukora’s delicious nectar is ethically harvested and produced, and only non-GMO verified ingredients are used. Free from toxins, pesticides, and glyphosphates, alongside third-party testing, Manukora is committed to producing the highest-grade, ethically produced Manuka honey straight from New Zealand.


Nutrient-Rich Manuka Supporting Long-Term Health

Manuka honey offers the perfect addition to support your short-term and long-term health. With its array of beneficial nutrients, it’s a bit of sweetness not only for your tastebuds but also for your body and health.

Try Manuka honey for yourself and experience its benefits firsthand. Shop now and discover the range of products from Manukora. If you’re not sure what type of Manuka honey is right for you, take this quiz.


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