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Mānuka honey is a dark, rich, creamy honey that is produced when bees collect nectar from the flowers of the Mānuka tea tree. It contains unique antioxidants, prebiotics and an antibacterial compound called methylglyoxal (MGO) that are all naturally occurring. Read more on our blog

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is the unique, naturally occurring antibacterial compound in Mānuka honey.

A higher MGO value indicates higher antibacterial activity, it also indicates higher levels of other active, beneficial compounds in the Mānuka honey. Paying attention to the MGO levels in your Mānuka honey is the first step to ensuring your Manuka is authentic and of high quality. A higher MGO number means higher potency and, typically, a deeper, richer flavor too. Check out our blog explaining the different MGO grades.

Find the right MGO grade for you by taking our simple quiz!

Mānuka honey contains a wide range of nutrients to help maintain daily wellness and vitality, and support optimal digestive and immune health. Rich in naturally beneficial compounds, Mānuka honey is not only a one-of-a-kind sensory experience but also a healthy indulgence that can fit into any routine. You can enjoy this super honey directly from the spoon, or pair it with your favorite food or beverage for healthy indulgence.

Mānuka honey is extremely different from regular/local honey as it has over 2,000 unique compounds, far more than any other nectar type. Many of these compounds are highly bioactive and unique to Mānuka (think MGO!). This is why we call it Honey With SuperpowersTM. What’s more, this rare honey is only produced in New Zealand from the native Mānuka flowers that flower just 2-6 weeks of the year! 

One of the best things about Mānuka though is the thick creamy texture and delicious caramel taste. 

Many of our customers choose to have both local honey (rather than the regular honey bear from the supermarket) and Mānuka honey in their households, as they serve different purposes. Read about the differences between local honey and Mānuka on our blog.

Mānuka is a rare honey variety produced only in New Zealand with unique beneficial compounds not found in regular/local honey. It is highly superior to regular highly processed honey found in your local grocery store. Most regular honey in grocery stores has either been heated to high temperatures (which removes the beneficial properties) or blended with lower-quality sweeteners. 

Compared to other types of honey, Mānuka is darker in color, has a richer flavor profile, and a much thicker texture. This delicious, creamy caramel honey is also packed with bioactive compounds not found in other honey, including the unique, naturally occurring, antibacterial methylglyoxal (MGO), as well as a number of unique antioxidants and prebiotics.

You can read more about this topic on our blog.

YES! Our honey is all certified Glyphosate Residue Free, Non-GMO and antibiotic free. It is produced in remote corners of NZ far from agriculture and these sprays, which is how we achieve this. All Manukora honey is tested for these properties and the results are provided for our customers' reassurance by scanning the unique QR code on the lid of your jar.

Manukora is a family-owned business with a passion for producing the best quality Mānuka in an ethical and sustainable way. We don’t compromise on quality. Check out our story and some of the key features of Manukora honey versus other Mānuka below!

All Manukora Mānuka Honey is from remote regions of New Zealand. Our honey is sourced from a wide range of beekeepers in what we call "the golden triangle" which is the area between Northland, Taranaki, and the East Cape, which is famous for producing the most active Mānuka nectar in New Zealand. 

We are traceable to source and you can find out where your individual batch of Mānuka is from and meet your beekeeper by scanning the unique QR code on the box or lid of your jar!

That is your unique traceability code! If you scan your code (by pointing your smartphone camera at the code and following the prompts) you will find out where your Mānuka is from in New Zealand, meet your beekeeper and see your unique test results showing the potency and purity of your Mānuka.

Our raw Mānuka honey is not pasteurized. Honey is extremely sensitive to heat, and this pasteurization process compromises the beneficial compounds within honey, including the ones that contribute to its ability to support wellness. 

When beekeeping is done correctly and ethically, with love and respect for the bees and their natural process, the pasteurization process is unnecessary and detrimental to the quality of the honey. 

Our honey is raw and carefully strained to remove any large particles from the honey. We do not finely filter the honey, as this removes pollen and other beneficial properties in the honey.  

These delicate processes allow Manukora’s Mānuka honey to maintain all the goodness of Mānuka’s natural properties. You can check for potency of your individual batch of honey by scanning the unique QR code on the box or lid of your jar!

Our raw Mānuka is naturally variable, but our old-school harvest and creaming process means we can guarantee it will arrive to you with a delicious creamy texture, or we will replace it!

As a result of minimal processing, our Mānuka honey is not homogenized, meaning you will experience a different product batch by batch. We keep it as raw as possible to maintain all the goodness it contains for you.

While Manukora is still UMF certified as a company, in 2022, we opted to remove the UMF certification from our labels and focus on MGO grading certification to avoid confusion between numbers.

MGO is one of the key bioactive compounds in Mānuka honey. The higher the MGO, the higher the other key bioactives such as Leptosperin (a key antioxidant) which we also test for.

UMF is simply a different system to measure the same bioactive compounds in Mānuka (MGO, DHA, HMF, Leptosperin). We test every single one of these (+ more such as glyphosate residue) at third-party labs and make them available on our QR trace system on every product.

As a result, we no longer show a UMF value on our lab reports but you can see all of the test results for the key compounds including NPA (non peroxide activity).

The NPA number is the exact same as the UMF number.

  • UMF/NPA 5 = MGO83
  • UMF/NPA 10 = MGO263
  • UMF/NPA 15 = MGO514
  • UMF/NPA 20 = MGO829

You can read more about the difference between UMF and MGO  and why we only carry the MGO certification here on our blog.

Yes, all Manukora Mānuka honey are certified kosher and halal, produced in a kosher certified facility. Certified by Kosher Kiwi Licensing Authority New Zealand.

Just as you would regular honey, but the taste is richer and caramel-like than regular honey, so it pairs perfectly with your favorite food and beverage. There are many different ways to enjoy Mānuka Honey, including eating the honey straight from the spoon (our favorite), adding it to drinks such as coffee, tea, or smoothies, applying topically, or adding it to any of your favorite foods. Check out our blog or Instagram @manukorahoney for more inspo! 

A typical daily serving of Mānuka can be anywhere between 1-3 heaped teaspoons per day. It is perfectly fine to eat more as you see fit, especially when using Mānuka as an alternative to refined or processed sugars in your diet.

Mānuka honey contains unique bioactive compounds and nutrients to support a normal high-functioning immune system and aid in optimal digestive health. It is also an amazing source of natural energy. Read more about the amazing benefits it can offer here. Take our quiz to find your MGO grade and receive tailored advice for your needs.

While your honey should never spoil, that’s not to say there aren’t right and wrong ways to store your beloved nectar. Honey is generally very easy to store, but when it comes to Mānuka honey, the storage protocol is just slightly different than your average store-bought honey. To extend its shelf life, store it in a cool, dry place in its original packaging or a glass or plastic container (not metal). It does not need to be kept in the fridge, however if you want to thicken the texture, it is completely fine to do so. Check out our blog to understand more about storing your Mānuka. 

Manukora’s Mānuka honey is raw to maintain all the goodness it contains for you. As a result of minimal processing, our Mānuka honey is not homogenized, meaning you will experience a different product batch by batch.

Unlike other types of honey, our Mānuka may change in consistency over time as it sits, with a tendency to harden (aka crystallize). Don't be alarmed if your honey contains tiny crystal-like molecules — it’s easy to soften hardened honey, and we even have an easy guide on how to do so here! Given it is a 100% natural product, variances in texture are welcomed and should be enjoyed. However if you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team for advice at

While it ultimately depends the specific product you choose (serving size recommendations are available on each product page) and how you use it, our most common product serving sizes are listed below:

  • 8.82oz (250g) Jar, approximately 35 teaspoons (7g) servings
  • 1.1lb (500g) Jar, approximately 70 teaspoons (7g) servings
  • 12.7oz (360g) Squeeze Bottle, approximately 50 teaspoons (7g) servings

The best-by date on honey products does not necessarily mean it will spoil or expire on that date — it mostly refers to the quality of the honey being best before that date. Our Mānuka honey has a shelf life of five years, but can last even longer with proper storage. Read more about how to make the most of your Mānuka here.

Our Mānuka is raw. Feel free to add it to a hot drink, but let the water come off boiling. Avoid other high heat such as baking or cooking with it - drizzle the Mānuka on after heating.

We do not recommend infants 12 months or younger consume Mānuka honey.

Any of our Mānuka Honey products can be applied topically, although the higher the MGO the more potent they are. So we would recommend our MGO 850+ or above for topical applications.

Our MGO 200+, MGO 600+, and MGO 850+ come in 100% BPA and phthalate-free, recycled plastic (rPET plastic). We have consciously chosen to use rPET because it helps to stop plastic piling up in landfills or contaminating our oceans, uses less water and energy to manufacture, emits fewer emissions into the atmosphere, and is easily recyclable so we can keep using it again and again! We are using the highest quality, food-grade PET supplier in New Zealand for all of our current PET packaging. Our MGO 1123+ and limited edition high-grade products all come in glass.

Our jars are 100% recycled plastic. Our jars are also BPA free and our labels are FSC certified.

Yes, our honey jars are certified BPA free.

We currently only ship within the United States, unless you would like to place an order greater than $500 USD value and are not based in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, or Saudi Arabia (due to import restrictions and partnerships in these countries), in which case, we will see what we can do for you. Please reach out to for further information.

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No, our introductory gift offer cannot be combined with the Starter Kit as the complimentary honey sticks are already included in the kit.

No, we do not as honey is a food item and therefore cannot be returned. However, we will replace your product at no cost if it is incorrect or defective.

If you believe there is an issue with your order, please email with a photo of the batch number on the back of the jar and your cause of concern. We will do our best to resolve any issues for you.

No, we do not. However, we will replace your product at no cost if it is incorrect or defective.

If you could please provide the batch number on the back of the jar and any photos of the issue for me to pass on to our quality control team, so we can prevent this happening in the future. 

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Mānuka honey may have traces of propolis, however it doesn't usually contain bee venom. Given your allergies, we would recommend exercising caution and seeking professional medical advice before consuming this product.

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