Our Story

Our story starts back in 1998 with our founding beekeeper, Bryce Hooton.

Bryce was a pioneering beekeeper of New Zealand’s East Cape, one of the most remote regions of the country and famous for the most active, potent Manuka honey in the world.

Bryce believed in working with bees and nature and not against them. His dedication to sustainability and ethical honey production was known throughout the regions.

Our Founder, CEO Mike Bell met Bryce through family and began working together with him to develop the business. Mike and his family have a deep history in producing food in New Zealand and Mike fell in love with Bryce’s philosophy around the protection of both land and bee’s during honey production. 

Manukora Bryce Hooton

Meet Bryce Hooton

An interview with our founding beekeeper

Manukora CEO Mike Bell with Bryce Hooton

After many trips to the hives and deep conversations about the art of beekeeping, Bryce told Mike of his plans to step away from the industry to pursue other dreams. Mike’s passion for innovation and transparency in food together with his newly learnt skill around Manuka honey production propelled his desire to do more with Manuka.

Mike’s fascination with this liquid gold from his own backyard, saw him working hard to honour Bryce’s founding philosophy while developing a specialist honey processing facility and traceability technology to create high-grade Manuka honey good enough to take to the world.

It was from here that the Manukora brand we know today was created.

We believe in transparency in all that we do. From looking after our environment, our bees, our beekeepers, landowners, staff, suppliers and customers we are, in our own little way, helping create a healthier and better world.

The Manukora Story

We want to bring health through nature's finest produce all while working to leave a better world behind us.