Our Mission

We are based in a small town at the foot of the Kaimai ranges in New Zealand. With nature on our doorstep, we began collecting Manuka Honey in 1998 from remote, inaccessible locations. We knew then that it was special and it led us on a journey to find other remarkable products from nature; following nature’s way of making us feel good.

There’s a wonderland right in front of us.

We as humans have only just scratched the surface of the wonders in our natural world, and the closer we look the more amazing things we find; even in things that we already thought we knew everything about. We’re on a mission to find those marvels and to find the most effective and natural way to bring them to you; all while preserving and nurturing our natural world.

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Where it all began

Our story began back in 1998 with our founding beekeeper, Bryce Hooton.

Bryce was a pioneering beekeeper of New Zealand’s East Cape, one of the most remote regions of the country and famous for the most active, potent Manuka honey in the world.

What made Bryce so unique was that he was blind. This meant he added an extra level of care into everything he did. His belief was focused on working with bees and nature and not against them. His dedication to sustainability and ethical honey production was known throughout the regions.

It was this dedication and way of doing things that formed the foundation for Manukora and the brand you see today.

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Manukora Bryce Hooton
Raw Manuka Honey from remote parts of New Zealand

Natural wonder

We believe passionately in plant-powered health. Nature has been innovating and engineering solutions for millions of years. So we have a lot of catching up to do – searching, looking, combining – discovering solutions that nature has already invented. We’re lucky to live in a very beautiful and unspoilt corner of the world. We have a front-row seat on the spectacle, so nature is a constant inspiration.

Your wellness

There is a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained from doing things well, to know that you’re going to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s our focus. Or we should say, you are. Your well-being. Mind, soul and body. Your wellness has no strings attached, just sustainable products that are good for you and good for the planet. And that feels good too.

What is Manuka Honey?
Manuka Honey and Tea
Manukora team planting Manuka trees

Our environment

Nature gives so much to us we feel obligated to give back to nature too. We make every effort to reduce our footprint. That means always looking for ways to improve; ecological packaging, taking care to source only sustainable ingredients, and working with our local communities to name a few. Tomorrow depends on what we do right today. Let's go!

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Your trust

Authenticity is very important to us and so is your trust. Knowing your product is authentic and where it came from is our promise to you. Each one of our products has a unique code allowing you to confirm exactly that. We use independent sequencing technology to prove the quality and origin of every single product we sell. You know exactly what you have and where it’s from. Our promise to you. If you have more questions, check out our FAQ page here.

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Manukora Traceability Codes. Traceable Raw Manuka Honey from New Zealand