What is Mānuka honey?

Mānuka honey is a dark, rich and creamy honey that is produced when bees collect nectar from the flowers of the Mānuka tea tree.

It contains unique antioxidants, prebiotics and an antibacterial compound called methylglyoxal (MGO).

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Super honey from a special place

The most potent Mānuka honey comes from an area of New Zealand known as the Golden Triangle.

This area is known for its dense native forests. It’s here where our bees collect nectar from the Mānuka flower to create this Honey With Superpowers™.

What makes Mānuka honey so special

Compared to other types of honey, Mānuka is darker in color, has a richer flavor profile and a much thicker texture.

This delicious, creamy caramel honey is also packed with bioactive compounds including the naturally occurring, antibacterial methylglyoxal (MGO), as well as a number of unique antioxidants and prebiotics.

How Mānuka honey can benefit you

Manuka honey contains a wide range of nutrients to help maintain daily wellness and vitality, and support optimal digestive and immune health.

You can enjoy this super honey directly from the spoon, or pair with your favorite food or beverage for healthy indulgence.

100% Traceable

MGO certified


Certified B Corp®

Glyphosate residue-free


Why Manukora?

The Art of Ethical Beekeeping

Our beekeepers practice the Art of Ethical Beekeeping — a traditional way of beekeeping that prioritizes the care of our bees and their environment.

We look after our bees, and they look after us.

Single Origin Transparency

Our honey can be traced back to a single origin through our unique QR authenticity platform.

Low hive number per site

Our beekeepers manage hive numbers to ensure bees have access to diverse pollen sources and plenty of nectar to feed and avoid any risk of over stocking bees.

Manukora transporting capped Manuka Honey

No excessive hive transportation

Our hives do not need to be shifted around for pollination practices used by industrial agricultural companies.

Bees only fed honey

Manukora's bees are never fed refined sugar, only honey when necessary, to help get them through winter. This is critical to the health of our hives and quality of our honey.

Free from environment toxins

Our hives are placed in remote forests which are free from environmental toxins and pesticides, with every batch 3rd party tested to verify this.

Supporting local communities

Our honey sourced from regional areas in NZ where we have direct relationships with local beekeepers, who help us maintain a high standard of care for our little heroes