Natural Herbal Supplement - Botanicals

Potent, powerful, and
all-natural supplements
from New Zealand.

Our all-natural botanicals use the power of nature and the knowledge from science to provide your body with what it needs. Delivered in raw New Zealand Manuka honey with carefully selected potent herbs from around the world, not only are they great tasting but they work, too.

Here's what makes our botanicals different...

Potent ingredients

Not all herbal ingredients are created equal. Selecting the right herb and the most potent part of that herb is important in ensuring our products actually work for you. We partnered with a medical herbalist to identify, source, and blend the most potent herbal ingredients to ensure each spoonful of our botanicals will give you a therapeutic dose - the recommended daily dose to feel a difference. Raw, potent and powerful.

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Natural potent herbal ingredients
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For your daily ritual

A daily ritual should be something you enjoy and look forward to, not something to dread and avoid. Our unique delivery method of premium raw New Zealand Manuka Honey means that our botanicals are something to enjoy and look forward to. No more pills. No more tinctures. No more concoctions. Just great tasting natural supplements.

Sourced with care

Good for you and good for our environment. Each one of our botanicals ingredients is traced back to its source to ensure its either wildcrafted or ecologically cultivated. This means we use ingredients that have been grown in ways that don't damage or overexploit the ecosystem so they can be enjoyed for our future generations. This goes for our packaging too - choosing glass over plastic and boxing in sustainably sourced card.

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Clean and tested herbal supplements - Non-GMO verified and glyphosate residue free

Tested for peace of mind

Potency and purity matter to us, and should for you too. That's why we rigorously test each of our ingredients to ensure they are the best for you. Whether it's ensuring our ingredients are true to name, free from pesticides or heavy metals, or up to spec, you can rest easy knowing our botanicals are what we say they are.

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Made in New Zealand

Each and every one of our products is proudly made in the place we call home, New Zealand.

Our Manuka Honey is sourced from pristine remote corners of our country while our herbs are grown globally from native places where they have been used in herbal medicine for centuries.

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Comparison chart between Manukora herbal supplements - A Daily Dose of Immunity and An Extra Dose of Immunity

Which one do I need and when?

Not sure which of our botanicals products to start with?

That's why we created this comparison chart so you can see what the differences are between our Daily Dose of Immunity and Extra Dose of Immunity.

Potent, powerful, and
all natural supplements
from New Zealand.