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What is Mānuka Honey?

Rare honey from the nectar of the Mānuka tea tree, native to New Zealand.

Creamy caramel taste

Unique antioxidants and prebiotics not found in regular honey

Natural, antibacterial compound “MGO”

MGO 850+

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How to use Mānuka Honey

For Daily Digestive and Immune Support;

Our MGO 850+ contains nutrients to aid in optimal digestive and immune health.

These creamy, caramel stick packs can be taken on the go, or used to supercharge your favorite food or beverage.

Add to your coffee or tea

Drizzle over ice-cream, yogurt or pancakes

Combine into a simple salad dressing

Why choose Manukora?

Mind Blowing Taste

Our high-grade Manuka honey is much darker and richer than regular honey due to unique antioxidants from the Manuka nectar.

The amazing taste is unlike anything else you would have tried!

Raw & Creamy

Our master beekeepers practice The Art of Ethical Beekeeping - a traditional way of beekeeping that prioritizes the health of the bees and their environments.
This allows us to keep our honey raw and ensure the amazing creamy texture!

Highly Functional!

Our honey contains a wide range of bioactive compounds including; antioxidants, prebiotics, and nutrients to support optimal digestive and immune health.

What our trial customers are saying

Over 1,784+ ★★★★★

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  • Dave, Trial Customer



    "Amazing taste, super convenient"

    "Amazing taste, super convenient, and helped me manage my cough. Highly recommended! A great way to check out Manukora before buying a big quantity."

    Tamita, Trial Customer



    "Easy to carry! I love how convenient they are!"

    "I usually just grab a few and go to work. Awesome for an energy boost!"

    Christine, Trial Customer



    "Great taste and easy"

    "Great taste and easy to use in the individual packets."

  • Robert, Trial Customer



    "I love it! It's flavor is layered, smooth, & creamy."

    "Woohoo! I can now add packets to my toiletries baggy in my carry-on so I can get my daily dose of Manukora when traveling! So convenient!"

    Barb, Trial Customer



    "The health benefits keep surprising me!"

    "I LOVE this packaging!! I love EVEN MORE the honey!! My gut feels fabulous!! Thank you!!!"

    Ryan, Trial Customer



    "Great for the whole fam!"

    It’s perfect for putting in my bag while I’m traveling for work and bringing on the go! Occasionally the kids get one as a treat or when there’s a bug going around. They think of them as mini yogurt squeeze packets, but all the sweeter because it’s “the super healthy honey”!

  • Valerie, Trial Customer



    "Taste & Texture: A+"

    "I am LOVING having the premeasured packets of the immune boosting 850+ Manuka honey, which makes it So Easy to get my daily dose whether at home or away!💗"

    Pawel, Trial Customer



    "This honey tastes amazing"

    "The taste, texture and consistency are by far the best on the market!"

    Marcia, Trial Customer



    "I'm happy to have this in my home."

    "I enjoy the taste. The healing properties. The continued education about the properties. The tracking process. I don't have any complaints. "

How our honey stacks up

  • Creamy caramel guarantee

    Unique antioxidants, prebiotics and MGO

    Traceable to source

    Glyphosate-residue free

    Compostable single serve packs

  • Manukora

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  • Other Mānuka

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