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MGO 850+

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MGO 850+ Squeeze Bottle

Daily Digestive And Immune Support

Supports immunity

Aids optimal digestion

Helps regulate inflammation

Boosts natural energy

Our best selling honey - MGO 850+ in squeeze bottle! It is packed with bioactive compounds (antioxidants, antibacterials and prebiotics) + additional nutrients to support optimal digestive health.

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Squeezy (12.7 oz)

50 servings

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4.9 based on 3,300+ Reviews

MGO 850+ Honey Stick Packets

5 single-serve Manukora MGO 850+ honey sticks. The perfect companion when on-the-go.

4.9 | 3,300+ Reviews

MGO 850+ Honey Stick Packets

The perfect companion when on-the-go.

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Mānuka vs. Regular Honey

Creamy caramel flavour

Unique antioxidants and prebiotics

Ethical beekeeping standards

100% traceable source

What is Mānuka Honey?

It's a rare honey from the nectar of the Mānuka tea tree, native to New Zealand. We call it Honey With Superpowers™ for its unique antioxidants and prebiotics that:

Aid in optimal digestive health

Empower a normal high-functioning immune system

Supply a natural source of slow-release energy & antioxidants

MGO Grades Explained

MGO, or methylglyoxal, is an antibacterial compound that’s naturally found in the nectar of the Mānuka tea tree flower – it gets transferred to our honey by incredible bees. Benefits of MGO include powerful nutrients and antioxidants that support immunity, digestion, and more.

The higher the MGO count, the higher the levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Our Mānuka honey is third-party tested to verify the MGO level – scan the QR code on our containers to see the results.

Over 500,000 Customers Served

★★★★★ 16,300+ 5-Star Reviews

  • Julie -

    MGO 850+



    "Best Flavor and Texture"

    I have tried several other brands and I must say that the texture and flavor of Manukora MGO 850+ is by far the best. There is a hint of smoky earth notes that compliments the sweetness of the honey. Manukora has a smoother texture than the other brands as well.

    Heidi -

    MGO 850+



    "Customer for life!"

    I take it religiously every single day, a tablespoon usually before bed and I give my dog a quarter teaspoon. This is magical honey and I love it!! I will be a customer for life!

    Brian -

    MGO 850+




    If you're having any thoughts about this honey, go ahead and do yourself a favor and get it. You will love it! I add it to my coffee and eat it right off the spoon and its delicious.

  • Penny



    "Believe it!"

    I love it! It's flavor is layered, smooth, & creamy. I started taking/eating it to improve my overall health. I have used raw honey's regularly in the past to boost my system.

    Jason -

    MGO 850+



    "Simply Amazing"

    Everything about this honey is amazing. The quality is of the highest caliber and I just don’t see myself going back to anything less. Highly recommend it is well worth the price!




    "The BEST Manuka honey hands down!"

    I did not expect to taste such a difference in this honey and oh my goodness , this is by far the very Best Manuka honey I’ve ever had! I’m a believer now! Manukora is second to none!

  • Mary -

    MGO 850+



    "Wonderful product!"

    It’s yummy and healthy and I am so thankful that you are producing such a high quality product. It’s definitely a luxury. I’d much rather spend my money on my health and that of our beautiful planet. Thank you! ♥️

    Darlene -

    MGO 850+



    "Madly in Love with Manukora"

    The smoothest creamiest healthiest honey I have ever had the pleasure and pure delight to use everyday, many times a day: In my tea, absolute perfection, a spoonful when I feel run down.

    Billy -

    MGO 850+



    "Magic Honey"

    I’m not a ‘honey person’ and hands down this is best I’ve ever tried. Everything from the way it makes me feel to the taste and texture, etc. Plus, its my key for fighting off a cold!

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