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Explore the benefits of our SuperPrime Starter Kit featuring MGO 850+ Mānuka Honey. For a limited time, enjoy exclusive free gifts and start enhancing your immune and digestive health - with just one spoonful a day.

Our honey:

Aids optimal digestion

Helps balance inflammation

Boosts immunity

Provides natural energy

All Manukora Honey is ethically produced and sourced from New Zealand and packed with antioxidants, prebiotics, and nutrients.





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About MGO 850+



Daily use

5,016+ Verified 5-star reviews

5,017+ Verified 5-star reviews

"I love your product, and I have been subscribing for years! I suffer from GI and manuka honey can be a savior at times. Manukora is far superior than the manuka you find at the grocery type stores, and I have tried a few others companies, but I love the taste of yours the best."

Katie B.

What's in your kit

A jar of Manukora raw Mānuka honey with 850+ MGO from New Zealand.

MGO 850+

35 teaspoon (7g) servings of of pure, high potency MGO 850+ Mānuka Honey ethically sourced from New Zealand

Box of Manukora raw Manuka honey sachets, partially open.

MGO 850+ Travel Sticks

Your perfect companion when on-the-go. 15 pre-dosed travel sticks of MGO 850+

A small wooden spoon on a light beige background.

Wooden Dose Spoon

Single 5.1" (13cm) FSC-certified, 100% beech wood dose spoon will ensure you're getting the right dose, every time

'Manukora honey advertisement with dripping honey and slogan 'Honey With Superpowers'.'

Mānuka Guidebook

Your go-to guide on all things Mānuka - its uses, how its produced, recipes and more

What's in your kit

Our best deal yet to kickstart your new routine

Begin your journey with Mānuka honey this week by making it a staple in your daily routine.

Known for its health benefits, Mānuka honey boosts immune function, supports digestion, and helps balance inflammation.

Remember, consistency is key for experiencing its full potential

Enjoy it alone

Sweeten your tea or coffee

Supercharge your breakfast

Rice cakes with peanut butter, banana slices, and honey drizzled on top.

Enjoy on your favorite food

Here’s What Everyone Is Saying About Our Honey

★★★★★ 5,018+ Verified 5-star reviews

Here’s What Everyone Is Saying About Our Honey

★★★★★ 5,018+ Verified 5-star reviews

Why choose Manukora Honey?

Exceptional Taste

Our raw high-grade Mānuka Honey is darker, richer, and creamier than regular honey – plus it’s packed with antioxidants you can’t get anywhere else.

Hand holding raw Manuka honey packet with mountains in the background.

Full-Body Benefits

Mānuka honey contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients that support immunity, digestion, and more.

Ethical Practices

Our beekeepers practice The Art of Ethical Beekeeping, and prioritize the health of the bees and their environment.

How we compare

Only produced in New Zealand from native Mānuka flowers

Creamy caramel taste & texture guaranteed

Ethical beekeeping standards

Traceable to source

Glyphosate residue-free







SuperPrime Starter Kit