August Sweet Talks With Manukora

August Sweet Talks With Manukora


Get ready to be inspired by the incredible Kirsty Godso, a Kiwi dynamo who's taken the fitness world by storm. As a Nike Master Trainer based in LA (amongst other things you’ll learn about in our interview) Kirsty's energy and passion for well-being are simply contagious. Kirsty is a long time Manuka user, and we are very fortunate to be able to call Kirsty a loyal supporter and friend of Manukora.

In this Sweet Talks, we dive into Kirsty's journey, discovering her outlook on health, fitness, and the ways she incorporates Manukora honey into her daily life. From her fitness philosophy, to tips about managing the stressors of a jam packed schedule, Kirsty shares her wisdom and offers insights to empower all of us on our health journeys.

So, let's lace up our sneakers and jump into it.

If we blink we miss you! Between your work as a Nike Master Trainer, running your own business (Made Of), training clients and living your life, how do you manage the inevitable stress that comes with this and prioritize self-care?

Haha well I’m currently in Sydney, Australia and just downed a stick of Manukora as I type! The travel sticks are always in my bag and I swear the reason I don’t get sick amongst all the travel so thank you! Self care has become such a non negotiable for me. My job is all about being on and energetic and trying to encourage others to feel their best and it's so much easier to do that successfully when I’m not giving from an empty tank. Day to day and location to location it will vary but I really try and treat my body well with movement, food and thoughts. Work is often crazy and juggling a lot of things so I’ve worked a lot on being more gentle with myself and asking myself what the best I can do in that situation is. When I’m home my favourite self care rituals are acupuncture, cold plunges, sanity walks, time outside, cooking my food at home and time with friends.



We’ve always loved watching the epic things you’ve achieved since moving to the United States! How have your NZ roots benefited you and shaped your approach to building your career? 

Being from NZ is so special. I don’t think we realize that enough while we’re growing up there. I’ve found that it gave me a lot of curiosity which has helped me always be open to learning from others and made me super driven whilst also being really grateful for the opportunities I get. I’m not afraid to work hard and love to earn everything I get the chance to work on. I think Kiwi’s in general have great work ethic and that goes really far but also what shines through is our optimistic spirit.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the concept of 'food as medicine.' How has this philosophy influenced your approach to nutrition and overall well-being, and are there specific foods or dietary practices you swear by to support your active lifestyle?

Food is undeniable as medicine. Whenever I am talking to someone else or myself about goals with training, nutrition is also right in that conversation. It’s like the ultimate support system. I truly think NZ has some of the best and freshest food in the world. That’s something I really miss living overseas. If you’re actively listening to your body you can always tell how different foods affect it but the problem is so many of us are disconnected from that listening. Food is super important for me to power myself for my job and also to make sure I recover appropriately. I’ve always been conscious of wanting to know what my food is made of (hence the name of my protein brand), because ingredients are very important! I make sure I have a healthy balance of proteins, vegetables, fats and fruit plus a lot of water (and caffeine haha). I can feel such a shift in my energy when I’m not eating enough or the wrong things for my body. Getting to know your body and how to work with it is like a special language and it’s so important we take the time to speak it.



You’ve always been at the leading edge of wellness and this is a trait you share with many members of our community. Are there any other lesser-known health tips or practices that you personally find beneficial but aren't widely talked about you can share with our community?

We talk a lot about mindfulness in the wellness industry but I think we often interpret that as being a mindfulness practice such as meditation, breathwork etc. Something I often talk with my clients, friends and my community about is the importance of the words we use. Our bodies are so receptive so if we keep saying or thinking something negative and repetitive about ourselves even if it’s never out loud and just in our mind, our body often does not know the difference and can start to live out that scenario or thought. One of the podcasts I share later in this interview links to an amazing conversation with Jay Shetty and Dr Joe Dispenza on this.

In a world dominated by social media it’s really important that we can keep as much of a sense of self love as possible. I’ve found that incorporating methods such as tapping and EMDR (eye movement and desensitization and reprocessing) through therapy have been incredible tools for me personally to make sure my light and self love keeps shining. Our minds are so incredibly powerful so if we don’t take care of that side of our health often all the other efforts we are making with our health get cut short.

What makes you a Manukora super user? 

I grew up with manuka honey and remember my parents giving it to me whenever I was getting sick. I fell in love with Manukora whilst living in NYC where the weather changes a lot and amongst all my travel I found that the travel sticks were so easy to incorporate into my daily routine wherever that was to boost my immunity. Other than consuming it straight out of the pack or off the spoon, the most frequent way I use it is in my matcha to sweeten it a little bit - it's such a good combination!

If you could choose one movie/documentary/podcast to recommend to our Manukora community, what would it be and why?

I really love podcasts and listen to so many different ones it’s difficult to choose just one so I’m sorry I’ll give you three different episodes that were super impactful for me - please enjoy!

Speaking of impactful podcasts, one episode that really resonated with me discussed the incredible benefits of Manuka honey and its various forms. For example, the MGO 850 10-pack stick packets offer a convenient way to enjoy this superfood on the go.

Another episode delved into the high potency of Manuka Honey MGO1000, which is perfect for those looking for a stronger impact. There was also a fascinating segment on the Manuka Honey MGO 200, a more versatile option for daily use. Additionally, I came across an intriguing series on holistic health where they mentioned the digestive support benefits of Manuka honey.

For anyone interested in bees and their role in our ecosystem, I highly recommend the articles on how to get rid of bees without killing them and how bees make honey. Lastly, there's a great read on the differences between regular honey and Manuka honey, which is quite enlightening for anyone new to the subject.


We absolutely loved digging into these topics with Kirsty!

If you want to see more of Kirsty, you can find her on Instagram (@kirstygodso) and check out her skincare regime, workouts and more at

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