MGO 850+

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Daily Digestive Support

Contains nutrients to;

  • Aids in optimal digestive health.
  • Support a healthy microbiotal balance in the gut.
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Our 850+ has a rich caramel and toffee flavor with slightly bitter undertones and light floral notes.

It typically has a smooth, creamy texture. Granules can appear due to the active nature of the Mānuka.

Ingredients: 100% monofloral Mānuka honey certified to contain a minimum of 850mg/kg of methylglyoxal (MGO).

Take directly from the spoon, or pair it with your favorite food or beverage.

Cool to solidify, warm to soften.

Size & Servings: 8.82oz (250g) Jar, approximately 35 servings. | 1.1lb (500g) Jar, approximately 70 servings.

Manukora Mānuka is graded according to its MGO value. A higher MGO value means higher levels of the naturally occurring methylglyoxal (MGO) compound.

MGO is unique and is a potent antibacterial compound. It is not found in any other honey types. As the MGO increases, so do the other key unique bioactive compounds in Mānuka.

Each batch is third-party tested to verify the MGO level, results are available on our QR trace system.


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Honey with Superpowers™

Honey, like you've never tasted it

Rich, creamy caramel taste. Unique antioxidants. Bioactive prebiotics. Unique antibacterial compound, MGO*.