June Sweet Talks With Manukora

June Sweet Talks With Manukora


Welcome to our Manukora Sweet Talks series. On the last Friday of each month, you will be able to get up close and personal with epic individuals in our community, and to learn more about their area of expertise. Who knows, they may even share their Mānuka honey hacks! To receive the blog direct to your inbox each month, make sure you're signed up to our email list. We’d love your feedback on any areas of expertise you’d like to hear from in the coming months - drop us a line at hello@manukora.com to let us know! 


June Sweet Talks

We’re excited to introduce Mack Hollins, Manukora’s number #1 fan (it goes both ways!), but most notably a professional football player for the Atlanta Falcons.

We first connected with Mack on Instagram, where we saw him sharing about his love for Manukora honey as a natural source of energy on and off the field. As a seasoned NFL player, Mack knows a thing or two about staying energized and performing at his best.

We're thrilled to have him as part of the Manukora community and are excited to learn more about how he incorporates Manukora into his training and game day routines. Without further ado, let's kick things off and get to know Mack a little better!



How do you think Manukora differs from other Mānuka honey brands on the market, and what sets it apart in your opinion?

I have always been impressed by Manukora’s commitment to being 100% raw and natural. Manukora ensures that their product is the best it can be, which is what I feel like truly sets them apart. For me, it’s also Manukora’s commitment to the environment and to creating a sustainable source; that extra level is not something you see across the industry and definitely made me a Manukora user. Plus, the flavor is unmatched!  



Can you tell us a bit about how you use Manukora in your training and game day routine?

I use Manukora every day. Being a professional athlete, I like to be regimented so I always take Manukora every morning to kick start my day. I normally take another serving with lunch on fruit; pineapple or watermelon is my favorite. 

Game days, I definitely rely on Manukora to keep me energized. I take a serving before the game starts and then another one at half time. During half time, many guys will drink caffeine or fill up on foods; I personally like Manukora because it doesn’t fill my stomach, I can get the same amount of energy as drinking caffeine and I’m not worried about a mid-period crash.  



In what way do you think that Mānuka stands out as a clean energy source compared to other products you have used in this category? 

Here’s the bottom line: It’s a clean energy source that doesn’t lead to a crash. I personally rely on Manukora to help power me through the games because I know it gives my body the energy it needs and unlike caffeine or other methods, I don’t have to worry about a big crash. 

I’ve tried in the past to use energy gels and didn’t have the results that I got from Manukora. The gels are highly processed and would cause a quick energy spike and then a big crash. 

I’ve found that when I use Manukora, I get the energy boost I need with a long tail, so I don’t have a huge crash after. Also, it’s clean and not processed, which is very important to me!



What are some of your other favorite foods/supplements that help nourish your body or improve your performance?

I actually don’t take any supplements. I stick to a strict diet of a lot of fruit and meat, no vegetables. That's why I love Manukora, it’s a condensed energy in clean form. 



What makes you a Manukora super user?

I talked about this before, but I think I’m a super user because I’ve made Manukora a part of my daily life and daily routine. From the time I get up through dinner, I’ve incorporated Manukora into my diet and lifestyle to get the optimal results from this superfood. I definitely encourage people to think about ways to consume Manukora that are unusual; I put it on my steaks, watermelon, everything I can!



If you could choose one movie/documentary/podcast to recommend to our Manukora community, what would it be and why?

I have to say, a documentary I enjoyed recently is the Wim Hof Documentary by VICE. It is about this guy who does breathing techniques and can submerge himself in freezing water with no problem and can conquer illness through breathing. Very fascinating!


There you have it! Mack uses Manukora honey to give him the superpowers of clean, enduring energy. How does Manuka honey do that?

This essential sugar, found abundantly in Manuka Honey 20+ MGO 850, is key to providing our bodies with the clean, sustainable energy they need. By exploring our Manuka Honey Collection, you can discover a range of honey options that suit your taste and health needs.

For those keen on precise dosing, the Manukora Dose Spoon is a perfect tool. Dive deeper into the benefits and unique qualities of Manuka honey through our ACV & Manuka Wellness Guide and learn more interesting Manuka Honey Facts.

And while you're exploring, don't miss out on exclusive deals in our Reject Discount Sale Products collection. Finally, understand the importance of how your honey is sourced by reading about Ethical Beekeeping.

Glucose is a simple, but essential sugar that provides our organs, tissues, muscles, and cells with the energy they need to function and thrive. Raw Manuka honey is one of the cleanest sources of glucose. 

But not all honey is created equal. When consuming any raw honey, it is important to ensure your honey is truly raw and free of any harmful toxins in order to make the most of your glucose. 

To find out more about the benefits of using Manukora as a clean energy source like Mack, check out our blog here.

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