Manuka Honey as a Part of a Balanced Diet: What Nutritionists Say

Manuka Honey as a Part of a Balanced Diet: What Nutritionists Say
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Manuka As a Health-Conscious Choice

It’s no secret that Manuka honey is becoming more and more popular worldwide. In fact, social conversations about Manuka honey have increased by 10.3% in the last year. Praised by nutritionists, this liquid gold is known to be a nutrient-dense (and sweet!) superfood. 

Derived from the nectar of the Manuka tea tree in the lush forests of New Zealand, Manuka honey has so much to offer. So, let’s take a closer look at the nutritional benefits of Manuka and what nutritionists have to say!


Nutritional Profile of Manuka Honey

This delicious nectar is a highly prized ingredient packed with various beneficial nutrients. Most importantly, it contains antioxidants, prebiotics, and Methylglyoxal (MGO), which work together to support overall health and wellness. 

In fact, Manuka honey has up to 100 times more MGO than regular honey. In addition to MGO, Manuka’s prebiotic oligosaccharides support healthy blood sugar levels, and gut and immune health, too.

Manuka honey contains various potent antioxidants, such as its unique leptosperin and methyl syringate. These neutralize free radicals and prevent cell damage, aiding digestive health, supporting the immune system, and helping to maintain a healthy inflammatory response.


Manuka Honey in a Balanced Diet: Nutritionists’ Insights

As you might be well aware, MGO is what truly sets Manuka honey apart from the rest. Catherine Gervacio, Registered Dietician and nutrition writer for Living.Fit, says, “The unique nutrient MGO in Manuka honey carries antibacterial properties.” 

Gervacio adds, “Manuka honey (also) contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds, which can support the body's ability to manage inflammation.” In other words, Manuka honey’s nutrients are truly unique, especially when compared to other honey. You won’t get the same bang for your buck with processed honey bought from your local grocery store, and this is all thanks to the Manuka tea tree, which Manuka honey is derived from.

Plus, consuming Manuka honey in a balanced diet doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as easy as dissolving a teaspoon of Manuka in a glass of warm water in the morning or simply adding it to your regular morning smoothie. 

However, be wary of heating Manuka honey since high temperatures deplete its beneficial nutrients. Instead, add it to a glass of warm water or tea, wait for the beverage to cool down, then stir in a teaspoon of this liquid gold.


Practical Tips for Incorporating Manuka Honey into Daily Meals

For many health-conscious individuals, Manuka honey is not just eaten as a form of sustenance but as an integral component of self-care. Implemented into a daily routine and healthy lifestyle, this yummy treat offers a spoonful of sweetness and supports general wellness.

It can be super easy to include Manuka honey in your daily meals as long as you have your favorite jar in the pantry. The caramel-like taste of Manuka honey is hard to beat, especially when drizzled on top of nutty granola or dolloped into a banana smoothie. Adding a single teaspoon to a warm lemon and ginger tea is also a great way to get your daily dose in.

Apply by the teaspoon to keep track of your daily honey intake or, if you prefer, do a quick drizzle over your dishes. Yet, it is important to be mindful of how much you consume. Nutrient-dense Manuka honey is a great supplement to your healthy lifestyle, but it is not a replacement for other nutritional foods. 

Manuka honey is not only more nutritious than refined sugar but is actually perceived to be sweeter because of its composition. This also means that you can consume fewer calories while keeping your sweet tooth happy. 


Addressing Common Myths and Misconceptions

Perhaps you have heard some statements about Manuka that you aren’t sure about. So, let’s clear up the three most common myths and misconceptions, ensuring you’re properly informed about this delicious honey!

1. Manuka honey is a cure-all.

It is a misconception that Manuka honey can cure all illnesses. Yes, Manuka honey’s beneficial nutrients have antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties to support health, but it is not a cure for sickness or injury. It should also never replace your doctor’s orders.

2. You should only take Manuka honey when you are sick.

Manuka honey can be integrated into your daily lifestyle to provide nutritional benefits and immune support, whether you are sick or healthy. In fact, at Manukora, we encourage you to enjoy a teaspoon each day!

3. Manuka honey tastes the same as other honey.

Manuka honey has a delicious, thick texture with a rich caramel-like taste, different from your local grocery store’s honey. In fact, differing MGO grades of Manuka honey have subtle differences in their flavors and textures. To find your perfect match, experiment; try Manukora’s MGO 850+ for more boldness or Manukora’s MGO 200+ for a more subtle flavor.


Boost Your Balanced Diet With Manuka

As part of a balanced diet, Manuka honey can complement overall health and wellness with a single spoonful. Manuka honey’s low glycemic index and powerful antioxidants make it a top health choice over conventional honey varieties. 

Recommended by nutritionists, this delicious nectar can be incorporated into your daily routine for a hint of sweetness and nourishment. If you are interested in adding this golden elixir to your diet, browse Manukora Manuka honey products and find out exactly what you’ve been missing!


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