A Daily Dose of Immunity

$50 USD

Natural adaptogens provide deep support and balance for optimal immune resilience. Our synergistic combination of raw Mānuka honey with Ashwagandha, Astragalus and Eleuthero is formulated to build vitality and help you overcome the stresses of daily life.



Keep your immune system in check every single day

Why we made it

With the challenges of modern life, we can all use a daily dose of immunity!

Ashwagandha (featuring constituents called withanolides) and Eleuthero (rich in eleutherosides) are traditional adaptogens that encourage cellular energy production, balance adrenal health and empower immune resilience.

At the same time, they support a calm and focused nervous system. Add Astragalus, a well-studied herb with antioxidant ability and immune-modulating constituents, and you have a solid synergistic formula that is tailor-made to empower your daily health and vitality.

What it does

Formulated by a medical herbalist and designed to help:
+ balance the immune system
+ regulate the adrenal system
+ naturally build sustained energy
+ relieve physical, mental, and emotional fatigue
+ boost the body’s resilience when stressed

How to use

We recommend taking your Daily Dose of Immunity first thing in the morning to help regulate your body and set you up for sustained performance throughout the day.

As you first awaken, your endocrine system kicks into gear via a subtle surge of hormones from the adrenal glands, and they continue to modulate your energy throughout the day. When you experience ongoing stress and fatigue, the release of these hormones can become sluggish or erratic. You may not feel your best without a well-regulated and sustained adrenal hormone response, which is important for optimal immunity as well.

To support beneficial adrenal balance, enjoy a spoonful of Daily Dose straight from the bottle. Or stir it into a hot drink, add it to your morning smoothie, or drizzle on top of your favorite granola. It will add a deliciously sweet and malty cacao flavor with a hint of beneficial bitters that signifies the unique power of raw Mānuka honey.

Consistency is key with adaptogens and adrenal tonics - that’s why we call this elixir “A Daily Dose of Immunity”. The benefits become clear with regular use!

Good to know

A Daily Dose of Immunity is tested and certified as:
• Vegetarian
• Caffeine-free
• Gluten-free
• Non-GMO Project verified
• Third-party tested for herbal potency
• GMP certified for quality and safety
• Glyphosate residue-free

Keep your immune system in check every single day