Honey and Herbalism: A Sweet Synergy

Honey and Herbalism: A Sweet Synergy

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Honey & Herbalism: Exploring Their Sweet Synergy

Herbalism is well-known for using plants for medicinal purposes. Yet, does honey have a place in herbalism? Do honey and herbs go well together?

With honey’s nutrient-rich profile and sweetness and herbs’ spicy kick, you’ll be surprised to learn that these two combine into a sweet synergy that many love. In this article, we explore the intersection between herbalism and honey—from their ancient history to their inclusion in modern-day wellness routines. 


The Historical Context of Honey in Herbal Practices

Throughout history, honey and herbalism have played a pivotal part in supporting health and wellness. Herbal remedies were relied on for treatments as modern-day medicine had yet to be invented. 

For example, in ancient Greece, honey was combined with other medicinal substances for supportive health purposes. In the Indian system of Ayurveda, honey was traditionally used to support digestion, healthy teeth and gums, sleep, and more. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Assyrians, and Romans also used this liquid gold to maintain good gut health. It’s clear that ancient herbalists knew of the powerful antibacterial properties that honey’s beneficial nutrients offered.

In New Zealand, indigenous Maori further used the Manuka tea tree as a medicinal plant, and later, when honey bees were introduced, they utilized the gift of honey. Manuka was traditionally used for supporting oral health, immunity, and digestive health.

Understanding the Nutritional Profile of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey’s nutritional profile is superior to that of other honey varieties. So, what makes this type of honey so powerful? Here are the beneficial nutrients that make this type of honey famous worldwide.

MGO (Methylglyoxal)

Manuka honey contains a potent antibacterial compound, MGO (methylglyoxal). This is all thanks to the Manuka tea tree, which provides the nectar that the bees use to make Manuka honey. Surprisingly, Manuka honey can contain up to 100 times more MGO than regular honey. 


Antioxidants are nutrients that can help support the immune system. In fact, Manuka honey possesses a substantially high level of antioxidants compared to other honey varieties. Leptosperin, derived from the gallic acid in Manuka’s nectar, makes up the majority of the antioxidant count in this liquid gold.

Other Key Nutrients

Other key nutrients in Manuka honey include DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and oligosaccharides. These nutrients can further support digestion and overall well-being in various ways.


Manuka Honey in Modern Herbalism

Manuka honey is a staple ingredient in modern herbalism, and it’s no secret why it has become increasingly popular. Honey-based herbal remedies can be made all year round to provide immune support, aid digestive health, and maintain overall wellness. 

Plus, Manuka honey is highly diverse, so you can get creative in how you blend it with your herbal remedies and wellness routines. Some even enjoy it right off the spoon or blended with their favorite herbal tea. Below, we’ll explore more recipes and applications to help you gain the most out of every spoon and every jar.


Synergistic Recipes and Applications

Here are some great ways to integrate honey into your herbal remedies.

1. Drizzle herbal honey over your breakfast.

By infusing Manuka with fresh medicinal plants, you can make a gorgeous golden herb honey. Add a dollop to a smoothie, spread it on toast, or even add it to other herbal recipes. It can even be a great addition to a zesty ginger smoothie or a savory oatmeal mix.

2. Combine ground herbs with Manuka honey.

Combining ground herbs with Manuka honey can form a potent paste. From here, you can enjoy a herb and honey combination in many different ways. Consider mixing it into milk or water to create a delicious paste for pasta or stir-fries (and more!).

3. Scoop some honey and herbal powders into smoothies or meals.

Herbal powders can be a wonderful supplement to a soup or smoothie alongside a spoonful of Manuka honey. The sweetness and goodness of the rich, creamy honey blended with herbs create an unmatched culinary treat.

4. Add a spoon of Manuka into your herbal tea.

Brew a warm herbal tea and add a teaspoon of sweet Manuka honey to it. Mix it up and enjoy this cozy beverage. However, make sure only to add your Manuka honey once your tea has cooled. Adding Manuka honey to hot food or liquid can diminish its beneficial nutrients, including its potent MGO levels.


Sustainable Practices and Ethical Considerations

At Manukora, we are committed to the Art of Ethical Beekeeping. As you may already know, the bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, and it is our responsibility to keep them happy and buzzing. Our Manuka honey is delicately harvested (only when the bees have finished doing their hard work!) and 100% raw. We further avoid moving any hives around to avoid any disturbance to the bees’ natural habitat and way of life.

In herbalism, choosing ethically sourced honey is just as important as ethically sourcing herbs. As these components make up the essence of herbalism, it’s crucial to ensure that the quality is high and the environment is kept top-of-mind.


Upgrade Your Herbal Routine Today

Using premium Manuka honey with herbal remedies creates a delicious mix and nutrient-rich blend. If you feel the call to incorporate creamy Manuka into your herbal wellness practices, why wait? Enjoying this all-natural supplement in your daily routine is a treat that benefits you and supports your overall health. 




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