Honey as an Energy Source: Ancient and Modern Uses

Honey as an Energy Source: Ancient and Modern Uses

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Honey's Power: Ancient Energy to Modern Health Aid

Honey’s power has been known for thousands of years. In fact, beekeeping has existed since 7000 BC, if not earlier. This timeless energy packs a powerful punch with plenty of beneficial nutrients and a sweet and yummy flavor. So, where does honey’s boost of energy come from? 

In this article, we explore why honey has stood the test of time and how it can offer you slow-release energy unlike no other.

Honey in Ancient Civilizations

Many ancient civilizations, such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the Roman Empire, viewed honey as a symbol of both wealth and health. The versatility and availability of this liquid gold also made it highly desirable. Honey was used to sweeten cuisine, for health support, as payment, and in spiritual rituals. Additionally, warriors and athletes consumed honey as a source of carbohydrates and energy to avoid fatigue.

In ancient Egypt, this golden elixir was even buried with royalty to support them in transitioning into the afterlife. The Egyptians believed that their sun god created bees with his tears, which is why they deemed honey as highly valuable. Bees were also displayed in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

In ancient Greece, the bee was a symbol of the Greek goddess Artemis and was used as an emblem on coins. Many Greek recipes further used honey as a key ingredient (Greek yogurt and honey, anyone?). The Roman Empire also had a thriving beekeeping enterprise, with honey frequently used as a gift to the gods. 


The Science Behind Honey’s Energy

Unliked processed foods, honey provides a natural energy source filled with beneficial nutrients. So, what gives honey its energy? Let’s take a closer look.


Honey contains a high amount of glucose, which the body uses predominantly as fuel. Thus, integrating honey into your hot beverage in the morning or drizzling it over your mixed nuts in between meals can help maintain your energy throughout your busy day.


Fructose is slower to absorb into the body than glucose. This means that honey can also help maintain energy and blood sugar levels over a longer period of time. In other words, it can provide a quick boost and also sustained energy.


Honey is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants support the immune system and proper functioning of the body by preventing free radicals, natural byproducts of metabolism, from causing harm. In turn, this can help maintain energy levels, too! Manuka honey, in particular, contains a unique antioxidant called Leptosperin. 

MGO (Methylglyoxal) 

Manuka’s high levels of MGO (methylglyoxal) also support overall vitality and wellness. You won’t find MGO in other types of honey, either. This nutrient is present in Manuka honey all thanks to the Manuka tea tree from which it derives.


Maintaining good gut health is key for optimal energy and functioning. Luckily, many types of honey contain probiotics and prebiotics, which can help support your gut. Manuka honey, in particular, contains oligosaccharides, a prebiotic that helps maintain the health of the gut microbiome. 


Honey in Modern Health and Wellness

Honey has gained popularity in daily wellness routines due to its beneficial nutrients. There is no need to consume processed sugars when a natural source of honey can supply sweetness and the nutrient boost you need.

Plus, integrating premium Manukora Manuka honey is super simple. Drizzle MGO 850+ over your fresh garden salad, or add a teaspoon to your hot beverage, like tea or coffee. For easy application, MGO 600 + Squeeze Bottle can be squeezed directly onto your food. Try it on ice cream, yogurt, fruit parfaits, and more! The culinary adventures you can explore with honey are endless.


Manukora’s Commitment to Quality

At Manukora, we believe in supplying the purest and most ethically produced Manuka honey, so that you can enjoy a sweet spoonful and our buzzing friends are well-looked after. Our highly potent Manuka honey is the result of the nectar from the Manuka tea tree flower combined with Manukora’s Art of Ethical Beekeeping. We believe that healthier beekeeping leads to superior honey. When the bees are happy, so are we!

Manukora’s Manuka is carefully extracted to ensure “raw” processing. This means the honey contains as many nutrients and goodness as possible, which creates a great source of energy for you to enjoy.


Indulge in This Delicious Ancient Superfood

It is by no mistake that Manuka honey is known and appreciated worldwide as a superfood. High-quality honey, like that produced by Manukora, is by far an exceptional natural energy source to other alternatives. Not only is honey nutrient-dense, but it also has a sweet flavor that many love and consider a yummy treat across the globe.

Consider Manukora Manuka honey as an ally for your health and wellness. Grab your jar today and explore how it seamlessly fits into a healthy and energetic lifestyle (while also offering a sweet daily treat!).


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