Manuka Honey: Making an Informed Purchase Decision

Manuka Honey: Making an Informed Purchase Decision
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How Can You Make an Informed Purchase Decision?

Manuka honey has superpowers unlike any other form of honey. If you’ve heard about the potential benefits and unique qualities, purchasing Manuka honey is probably at the top of your to-do list.

If you haven’t heard, you’ll wish you did sooner. This honey offers many benefits, from its taste to its ability to support your health. In this guide, we'll highlight what makes Manuka honey special and help you make an informed purchase decision in your search for a quality product.


What Is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is a special type of honey that originates from the Manuka tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium), a plant native to New Zealand. Like other types of honey, Manuka is made by bees collecting nectar from the Manuka flowers. 

Manuka honey separates itself from other forms of honey thanks to many special properties:

  • Methylglyoxal (MGO) – A natural antibacterial compound found only in Manuka honey.
  • Antioxidants Manuka contains significantly higher levels of antioxidants than regular honey. 70% of these are from Leptosperin, a powerful antioxidant from the Manuka nectar that is not found in any other honey or food.
  • Prebiotics Manuka contains a range of prebiotics, including a unique oligosaccharide called ‘panose.’

Over many decades, we have refined the best traditional beekeeping practices to create the purest and most potent Manuka honey that is packed with these special properties. The end result is our Honey With Superpowers™.


What Makes Quality Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is not automatically super. It takes a significant amount of special care and attention throughout every step of the production process to craft the highest quality product. Thus, there are a few factors that will help you determine Manuka honey quality, which we review in more detail below.


The origin of the Manuka honey has an important impact on its quality. As with anything, when this honey is not from the right source, the quality will suffer. Real Manuka honey only comes directly from New Zealand.

At Manukora, we work in the most remote Manuka forests of New Zealand to ensure a product of the highest purity. Our QR traceability system on every product allows you to see the remote region where your batch of honey was produced.

MGO Level

The MGO rating is the primary indicator of Manuka honey potency. This rating tells you how much methylglyoxal is in the product. The higher the MGO level, the higher the antimicrobial properties and other key bioactive properties.

Manukora's MGO levels are always tested by a third party, and these lab results are provided through our QR tracing system.


All it takes for delicious and powerful honey is nature’s touch. When purchasing Manuka honey, choose a product with minimal processing and no additives. The brand should also maintain careful practices to avoid contaminants. Purity ensures taste, benefits, and shelf life. The best Manuka honey comes from production practices that work with nature, not against it.


Of course, the nutrients in Manuka honey have many benefits to offer, but its taste is what sets it apart even more, providing a unique sensory experience and an overwhelmingly delicious flavor. The taste of Manuka honey is also a sign of its quality.

A poor-quality form of the honey will have impurities that affect the taste, making it less potent. However, a quality, raw Manuka honey will allow you to taste only the unique flavors of the honey front and center.

Manukora honey is easy to indulge in thanks to its rich and caramel taste. One spoonful and the delicious, caramel-like flavor will tell you that the honey is authentic.


Tips for Making the Right Choice

Like any purchase, finding the right Manuka honey comes with a few best practices to help you choose only the best product. To make the right choice when buying this super honey, consider these simple tips.

Trace the Origin

Traceability should be a key factor in your decision so that you know you are getting an authentic product. So, make sure to choose a company that can tell you where their honey was produced. When selecting your product, look for honey that demonstrates transparency and allows you to trace the origin of the batch so you can verify that it is produced following high standards.

Consider Your Health Goals

You may be looking to experience the taste of Manuka honey for the first time, or you could be looking for more specific energy, immunity or gut support. The MGO grading system is designed to offer potency levels to suit different needs. Check out the Manukora MGO quiz to find what suits you best.

Check the Reputation

When it comes to choosing quality Manuka honey, the reputation of the company matters a lot. Make sure to choose a company with a reputation for producing a potent product while maintaining ethical practices that consider the health of the bees and their habitats.

At Manukora, we do both. We have been making quality honey refining the highest quality production practices for over two decades, so you can trust us to provide you with a product that stands out above the rest.  


Make an Informed Purchase Decision with Manukora

Manuka honey and its nutrients have several potential benefits, but it’s crucial that you choose the right one to ensure you are getting only the highest Manuka honey quality. When purchasing Manuka honey, be sure that you can trace the origin, consider your needs, and verify the reputation of the brand.  

Our Manuka Honey collection showcases a range of options tailored to different needs. For those keeping up with the latest trends, Manukora’s Trending Products offer exciting options.

Particularly notable is their UMF 24 MGO1123 Manuka Honey, a testament to their commitment to quality. For those interested in the honey-making journey, Manukora provides insightful resources, including guides on how much honey bees make, the honey making process, and the differences between Manuka and regular honey.

Additionally, they delve into the fascinating world of bees with articles on what bees symbolize, adding depth to the understanding of this remarkable product.

Thankfully, you can end your search with Manukora. Our honey is made with the highest quality practices from start to finish. Third-party testing on every batch verifies the origin and purity of our product so you receive the best Manuka honey.

Explore our full collection of Manuka honey today and see what it’s like to try a Honey With Superpowers™.




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