From Salads to Desserts: Pairing Manuka Honey with Seasonal Produce

From Salads to Desserts: Pairing Manuka Honey with Seasonal Produce

Executive Summary:

  • Manuka honey can be added to sweet and savory dishes, giving way to various benefits.
  • To keep the nutritional value of Manuka honey is best added to a dish below 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Manuka honey can be added to sweeten dishes or add a rich flavor.
  • Many spring, summer, fall, and winter recipes use Manuka honey.
  • Manuka honey adds beneficial nutrients to any dish.

Manuka Honey and Seasonal Cuisine

Look no further than New Zealand’s Manuka honey for a delicious and natural sweetener. This golden nectar will complement the most simple to sophisticated dishes. No matter the season or the meal, Manuka honey can accompany a diverse range of seasonal produce.

Manuka provides health-conscious families with a nutritional-packed option to replace refined sugars in their cuisine. Pairing well with almost any seasonal produce, it is a staple ingredient in kitchens worldwide.

Just be sure not to cook with Manuka honey over 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid losing the goodness of the antioxidants in the process. It is encouraged to add Manuka near the end of the cooking process when the temperature cools down. So, let’s dive in and explore some of the best seasonal pairings and delicious creative recipe ideas. 


The Benefits of Pairing with Seasonal Produce

Combining golden Manuka honey with seasonal produce has many advantages. Eating fresh, seasonal produce and Manuka can help you steer clear from less nutritious and highly processed foods as you have the finest ingredients on hand.

Manuka honey and fresh produce further contain various nutrients which have many health benefits. At the end of the day, combining these superfoods creates the ultimate self-care dish. Eating seasonally will further open the gateway toward maintaining a balanced (and fresh!) diet—and don’t forget the rich and caramel flavors of Manuka honey that will be enjoyed, too.


Spring Pairings

Spring is the season to pair the mild sweetness of Manuka honey with the robust flavors of the best seasonal greens, fruits, and vegetables. Consider drizzling Manuka honey over a freshly picked bowl of strawberries or whip up a strawberry custard tart with Manuka honey for a delicious dessert.

You could also grill up some local asparagus and lather with golden Manuka as a side dish with your evening meal. You could even put together an asparagus salad coated in Manuka honey avocado dressing for a healthy meal.


Summer Delights

The best summer cuisine is light, fresh, and crisp with a hint of sweetness. It's time to grill up those plump peaches that are coated in Manuka honey and taste the finest mixed berry and Manuka compote. 

A simple honey summer salad can keep you cool, or utilize the seasonal summer tomatoes and create a tasty tomato salad. Sour and sweet elements go together wonderfully.

Summer is the optimum time to pair creamy Manuka with sweet and acidic tones for refreshing cuisine. In the heat, there’s really nothing better than soaking in the rays and finding reprieve in a sweet, revitalizing dish.


Autumn Combinations 

As the cooler months approach, consider adding a spoonful of golden Manuka honey to a warm apple pie with cream to enjoy a heart-warming dish. The golden liquid will add nutrients and a rich flavor to the tart apple. 

For a comforting evening meal, roast autumn root vegetables like pumpkin and drizzle Manuka on top as a mild and sweet dressing. The whole family can enjoy the unique flavor and texture of Manuka during fall.  


Winter Creations

The earthy, nutty flavors of winter produce with the distinct taste of Manuka honey create a delightful experience for the taste buds.

Roasted squash topped with Manuka honey is a warm, hearty meal to share with the family during the colder months. Tangy citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, and lemon go excellent with sweet Manuka tea or as a healthy salad.

You could also mix rich-tasting walnuts, chestnuts, and cashews with the sweetness of Manuka for the perfect on-the-go nutritional snack. 


Creative Recipe Ideas

You can utilize Manuka honey all year round as a topping or sweetener—and in both sweet and savory dishes. A simple yet creative appetizer is having sliced apples drizzled with Manuka, topped with seasonal nuts, coconut flakes, dates, and granola. This bite-sized morsel is sweet,  fresh, and quick to make.

A Manuka honey dressing further adds a hint of sweetness to a seasonal garden salad. The unique yet complementary flavors of Manuka honey, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar with a squeeze of lemon create a perfect sweet and sour vinaigrette. 

For a spooky Halloween-themed treat, try Manukora peanut butter banana ghosts. They look fantastic, taste great, and are packed with nutritional value. It’s also a fun way to get the kids involved in experimenting with Manuka honey recipes.


Manukora’s Manuka Honey: A Natural Choice for Cooking

Manukora Manuka honey is a premium honey that is ethically produced in New Zealand. Derived from the Manuka tea tree, there’s so much that goes into the making of this honey. You can discover all the ins and outs by scanning the QR code on your Manukora jar. This code contains information pertaining to the beekeeper that tended to your specific jar, as well as the third-party testing it has undergone (and its results).

Known as the Honey with Superpowers ™, this MGO-rated Manuka is a natural choice for cooking when compared to processed and refined sugars. Full of natural goodness, it will boost the nutritional value of any dish and add that sweetness you crave. It adds a creamy and caramel-like flavor in addition to its nutrient-dense characteristics, meaning it’s got tons of points when lined up against table sugar or refined sugars.


Explore Cuisine with Manuka Honey

Go on a culinary adventure by pairing Manuka honey with fresh seasonal produce. Give yourself permission to try new flavor combinations and explore the synergy of Manuka with your favorite fruit and vegetables. 

Be creative in your collaboration with Manuka honey! You might be surprised by the many different dishes that can be complemented by this sweet liquid gold. So, go ahead and showcase this world-renowned liquid nectar in any dish during any season. Whether using an ample amount or a little drizzle, Manuka honey will ramp up your dining experience to new heights and support your health. 

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