The Sweet Truth: Uncovering the Worth of Manuka Honey

The Sweet Truth: Uncovering the Worth of Manuka Honey
Michael Bell

Michael Bell

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Executive Summary:

  • Manuka honey costs more than regular honey, largely because of its unique composition and detailed production practices.
  • Manuka honey is incredibly rare and takes considerable time and effort to produce.
  • Due to its bioactive nutrients, Manuka honey offers more health benefits than regular honey.
  • Manukora goes above and beyond by using mindful production practices to create a delicious super honey.


Manuka's Unique Worth: The Sweet Truth

Yes, the price of Manuka honey is higher than regular honey, but there are plenty of reasons for this. From a rich nutrient profile to a delicious, caramel-like flavor, Manuka honey has tons to offer, making it the perfect addition to any daily routine.

When comparing it to regular honey, you’ll find that Manuka honey is superior in just about every category. In this guide, we provide some insight into the factors behind the price of Manuka honey and highlight why it’s worth every dime.


The Unique Composition of Manuka Honey

Manuka is truly unique, as this super honey contains a nutrient profile that stands out from regular honey. Some notable nutrients in Manuka honey include:

  • Methylglyoxal (MGO) – This is the compound found uniquely in Manuka honey that gives the honey its antibacterial properties.
  • Antioxidants – Manuka contains significantly higher levels of antioxidants than regular honey. 70% of these are from Leptosperin, a powerful antioxidant from the Manuka nectar that is not found in any other honey or food.
  • Prebiotics – Manuka contains a range of prebiotics, including a unique oligosaccharide called ‘panose.’

These unique nutrients are the foundation of Manuka honey. Working together, they create a super honey that offers a list of potential health benefits.


The Effort Behind Every Jar of Manuka Honey

Even more unique than the nutrients it contains is how Manuka honey is produced. In fact, the effort and attention to detail that goes into producing Manuka honey is the key factor behind its higher price tag. 

Manuka honey comes from the flowers of the Manuka tea tree, Leptospermum scoparium, which is native to New Zealand. Manuka honey is made by bees who collect the nectar from these flowers to transform it into what we call honey. The Manuka tea tree also has a very short flowering period of between two to six weeks, making for a short harvest window. Thus, the bees must work swiftly and dilligently to produce this unique liquid gold.

Between the remote location of the trees and the short harvesting window, Manuka honey is incredibly rare and takes considerable effort to produce, leading to a higher cost.

Comparing the Value: Manuka Honey vs. Regular Honey

Manuka honey has established a reputation as a super honey for a reason—it is superior to regular honey in everything from its nutrient content to its taste.

With the many benefits of this delicious treat, it’s a great way to enhance your daily routine. So, below we dig into the value further and look closer at the benefits offered by the unique nutrients in Manuka honey.

Health Benefits

When it comes to comparing the benefits of Manuka honey and regular honey, there is little competition. Here are a few ways the key bioactive nutrients found in Manuka honey can support overall wellness:

  • Supports your natural immune function – The MGO found in Manuka has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help support a properly functioning immune system.
  • Promotes natural, clean energy – Manuka honey has a lower glycemic index than both sugar and regular honey, meaning you enjoy more sweetness without the same crash.
  • Supports your gut health – Rich in both antioxidants and prebiotics, Manuka honey helps support your gut microbiome so you can maintain optimal digestive function.

Regular honey has health benefits as well, and even contains antioxidants. However, ultimately, Manuka honey wins here. This delightful indulgence has both a higher antioxidant profile than other types of honey and improved antibacterial properties, offering more health benefits.


Simply tasting a spoonful of Manuka honey will set it apart from regular honey. Manuka honey has a rich, caramel-like flavor that offers as much decadence as it does health support. Yet, it's an indulgence you can feel good about.

Interestingly, the taste of Manuka honey depends on the MGO rating. Lower MGO ratings taste sweeter and more floral, while higher MGO ratings will taste bolder. Either way, you can expect that this honey will be delicious.


Compared to regular honey, Manuka has a thicker and creamier texture. The creamy consistency of Manuka honey gives you a healthy treat, without the guilt.

When you try a spoonful of Manuka honey, you can expect it to melt in your mouth, delighting your tastebuds and offering an indulgent experience. Whether you want to take it straight with a spoonful or dizzle on your toast, the texture of this honey is a treat unlike any other.


Manukora’s Contribution to Premium Manuka Honey

The nutrients in Manuka honey offer many great benefits, but the production practices behind the making of the delicious treat go a long way toward influencing its quality.

At Manukora, we demonstrate our commitment to producing premium Manuka honey by doing the following:

  • Ethical beekeeping practices – By pioneering The Art of Ethical Beekeeping, we created mindful practices that promote healthier bees and higher-quality honey.
  • Detailed testing – At Manukora, our honey undergoes thorough third-party testing to verify that our honey is free from harmful toxins like glyphosate and maintains all the natural bioactive nutrients after harvesting.
  • Traceability – Through a simple QR code, you can learn about the origin of our honey and the test results, highlighting our commitment to high-quality, authentic Manuka honey.
  • High MGO ratings – As our third-party testing shows, our Manuka honey contains high levels of antibacterial MGO, ranging from ratings of 200 to over 1000.

Through our detailed practices, we end up with a 100% raw Honey With Superpowers™ that maintains its purity and a natural, creamy texture.


Discover the True Worth of Manuka Honey

At first glance, you’ll notice that Manuka honey costs more than regular honey. Yet, when you dive a little deeper, you see exactly why this is the case; Manuka honey offers incredible value packed into a single jar thanks to its strong nutrient profile, rarity, and delicious taste.

The unique qualities of Manuka honey, such as our MGO 600 UMF 16 Manuka Honey and MGO 1123 UMF 24 Manuka Honey, each offering a distinct flavor and health benefits. To enhance your experience, consider our Manukora Dose Spoon, designed specifically for Manuka honey.

Our commitment to quality is further explained in our guide, Understanding MGO Grades, which sheds light on the meticulous grading process. Don’t miss our special offers in our Discount Collection, where premium honey meets affordability.

For a deeper understanding of the value behind our products, explore our article, Why Manuka Honey is Worth the Price. Finally, discover why Manukora stands out in our Bestsellers Collection, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

At Manukora, we take that value up a notch—ensuring a premium product by holding true to ethical beekeeping practices and producing the purest possible honey possible. Explore our collection of high quality Manuka honey.




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