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Why is it so important to know where my Mānuka honey is from? And, if it’s authentic?

Like many branded consumer goods, honey has been the subject of fake or counterfeit products as suppliers look to make a quick dollar. Mānuka honey is no different and as demand from customers around the world increases, knowing the product you just purchased is authentic Mānuka honey is increasingly important.

Thankfully, Manukora Mānuka honey has unique sequential traceability for each and every product, so you can be sure yours is authentic Mānuka honey from New Zealand. The unique code is located on the lid of every honey jar and under the lid on our boxed product.

There are a few things we think it’s important to know about your Mānuka honey:

  • It is authentic
  • It comes from New Zealand
  • You can trace it back to its source
  • It has the correct Mānuka quality marks (MGO and / or UMF)

We cover traceability in full and how to use the code on your product to find out more.

Traceability - a consumer’s choice 

It is becoming increasingly important for producers to offer complete product traceability to their customers. Health conscious consumers it seems are particularly interested in understanding the origin of the products they purchase. The saying, “we are what we eat” hasn’t developed for no reason! Mānuka honey is a product where origin and authenticity is especially important. Genuine, authentic Mānuka honey can only come from New Zealand. The nectar collected from the New Zealand Mānuka tree flower produces a honey that is unique only to this country.

The New Zealand Mānuka tree flowers for only 2 - 6 weeks in the summer

Why is traceability so important?

Genuine Mānuka honey hosts many health benefits that can only be accessed if the honey is authentic (of New Zealand origin). There are a number of unique naturally occurring compounds that can only be found in Mānuka honey. One of these is called Methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO is responsible for the antibacterial properties and benefits that Mānuka honey offers. Our customers use Mānuka honey to support immune health, for topical use and to enhance overall wellbeing. So, it is crucial that Mānuka Honey is raw and carefully processed/handled to retain the MGO content and preserve the beneficial natural compounds, natural and contains MGO among other beneficial compounds.

You can read about the benefits of Mānuka honey here.

Authenticity Markers

There are a few key markers that you should look for to ensure your Mānuka honey is genuine, and can be traced back to its source in New Zealand. The presence of an MGO level and/or a quality mark called UMF should be present on your product jar lid label or inside the box lid. A UMF grade is another quality mark that stands for Unique Mānuka Factor. The UMF number tells you how potent the Mānuka honey is and directly correlates to the amount of MGO present.

Every Manukora Mānuka honey product states the MGO level and/or the UMF grade on the jar label. It’s hard to miss! These ratings have been approved by an independent laboratory that is certified by the Ministry of Primary Industries of the New Zealand Government.

Learn more about what MGO and UMF mean here.

Unique QR Codes: Trace your Mānuka honey

We understand it’s important consumers know the origin and authenticity of their Mānuka honey. So, we’ve implemented a special traceability system. You’ll find a QR code on your Manukora Mānuka honey product, unique to each and every product we have ever produced. When scanned by your smartphone camera (no special app needed), this code provides complete authenticity and traceability of your Mānuka honey, right back to the beehive it came from.

We guarantee full traceability - from the hive to your hand


What will I find if I scan the unique code?


  1. An authenticity tick (it is genuine Manukora Mānuka honey)
  2. The QR Code is authentic (it hasn’t been copied and only one code exists)
  3. The batch number of your product
  4. The best before date
  5. The potency of the Mānuka honey in your product 
  6. A MGO or UMF certificate (a laboratory document confirming quality and authenticity)


  1. The location in New Zealand where your honey comes from (click on the map!)
  2. Place of manufacture
  3. All about Manukora

How do I use my Traceability Code? 



  1. Use the camera on your smartphone to scan the QR on the lid 
  2. Click the pop up link 
  3. It’ll take you directly to a page of your Manukora product 
  4. Scroll through to find all the information (You can click the google map link to find out the exact beehive location!)
  5. If you want, download the MGO certified results or UMF Certificate that will confirm quality and authenticity

Scan the QR Code on the lid of your jar or inside the box lid with your smartphone camera


Confidence in traceability

We understand purchasing authentic New Zealand Mānuka honey can be confusing. That’s why we offer complete traceability and transparency.. This way, you can be sure it’s genuine and you can access the health benefits that real Mānuka honey can offer. From hive to hand, you’ve got all the information you need. If you need more, contact our team by emailing



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