Your First Month with Mānuka Honey: What To Expect

Your First Month with Mānuka Honey: What To Expect

Manuka honey is a powerful superfood and a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. As with anything, it is important to have the right expectations before you make it a regular part of your routine. Like most supplements, it is unusual to notice immediate changes when consuming Manuka honey.

Still, this super honey can be an excellent addition to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle in supporting your overall health. We call it Honey With Superpowers™ for a reason. This guide will cover everything you can expect during your first month with Manuka honey, giving you the tools and knowledge needed to build a great routine.


Week 1: Getting Started with Manuka Honey

The first week with Manuka honey is a lot of fun, as you get the opportunity to try the honey and discover all the ways you can include it in your routine. During your first week, you’ll go through three key steps.

1. Understanding the MGO Grades

You may be looking to experience the taste of Manuka honey for the first time, or you could be looking for more specific benefits, like energy, immunity, or gut support. 

The methylglyoxal (MGO) grading system is designed to offer potency levels to suit different needs. MGO is a key bioactive compound in Manuka honey and is a marker for potency—higher MGO equals higher potency. 

As you go up the MGO scale, the Manuka honey becomes darker and bolder tasting. If you are looking for a sweeter, floral taste, then a lower MGO will be best suited. 

Check out our Manukora MGO quiz to find what suits you best. 

2. Finding Your Ideal Way To Enjoy It

Best practice is to consume between one and three heaping teaspoons of Manuka honey each day. However you choose to consume this Honey with Superpowers™ each day is entirely up to you and your taste buds. There are many ways you can add Manukora into your daily routine, including:

  • Enjoying it by the spoonful
  • Drizzling it on your toast
  • Mixing it in your tea or coffee
  • Using it as a functional sweetener in recipes
  • Topping your ice cream or yogurt with it

3. Experiencing The Initial Effects

The most immediate noticeable effect from your daily consumption of Manuka honey should be the energy support, especially if you remove refined sugars to make way for Manuka.

In general, honey has a slightly lower glycemic index than sugar, with a GI of 58, compared to 60 for sugar. The glycemic index measures the effect of a food on raising your body’s blood sugar. Repeated spikes in blood sugar can lead to negative health implications, including fatigue.

By choosing Manuka honey instead of sugar or other sweeteners, you can move through the day with natural energy. Consuming Manuka honey will give you the energy of natural sugars without the harsh blood sugar spike and crash.


Weeks 2 and 3: Observing Your Health Throughout the Process

Once you get used to Manuka honey and have figured out how you prefer to include it in your routine, you can start to pay attention to your body and how it reacts to this superfood. During this time, you can continue to try different ways to include this super honey in your day.

After a couple of weeks of including Manuka honey in your routine, you may start to notice some potential benefits. Manuka contains a wide range of unique nutrients to:

  • Empower your natural, healthy immune response
  • Naturally boost energy levels
  • Maintain optimal gut health

As with any superfood, continuity is important. As you move through weeks two and three, be sure to continue to include Manuka honey daily so you can maximize the full potential of this Honey with Superpowers™. Creating an enjoyable ritual for your daily Manuka honey is the best way to build a healthy habit through these important weeks.


Week 4: Looking Back on a Month with Manuka Honey

After a full month with Manuka honey, you’ve likely established some consistent routines, and at this point, you can reflect on your experience. It is always a good idea to be present within your body and observe how it reacts to various lifestyle changes.

Reflect on your energy levels and overall wellness by asking a few questions:

  • How are your energy levels throughout the day?
  • Have you noticed any changes from before you started taking Manuka honey?
  • Does your digestion feel healthy?  
  • How is your general health?
  • How is your immune system functioning?

Asking these questions and paying attention to your body will allow you to monitor how well Manuka honey is supporting you and your health. Still, be sure to remember that Manuka honey is just one part of a healthy lifestyle, not a replacement for one.

When combined with a balanced diet and healthy choices, Manuka honey is a great way to support your overall health.


Moving Forward: Continuing Your Journey with Manuka Honey

After four weeks with Manuka honey, you are sure to find plenty to enjoy. From then on, you can continue to explore all the ways you can include this superfood in your lifestyle. Feel free to get creative with it—try using Manuka honey in different recipes or including it as a supplement to your favorite meals.

At Manukora, we produce all our super honey by adhering to the highest standards of production. Explore our complete collection of high-grade Manuka honey. 



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